Thursday, November 15, 2012

[Review] The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes

Hello. Today I'm gonna reviewing The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes from my recent mini haul.
Do you know that tea tree is good for healing acne?
That's why for those who have acne prone skin are suggested to use skincare that contains of Tea Tree Oil.
I have acne prone skin because of my teen hormones. Sigh..
And when I go to The Body Shop, I saw this cleansing wipes.
Because I've been so busy every day so I rarely wash my face during the day.
And usually in the evening, I would feel my face was so dirty and oily. Ugh..
Do you ever feel you're such in a bad mood because your face feel so dirty and oily? I do.
So, this cleansing wipes help me to clean my face during my day at school.

P.S. it also contain salicylic acid.

Here's the look:

Prices: IDR 69k at The Body Shop Counter.
Do you know the 3M in the last picture means? It means for the best use of this product, you have to use it 3 months starts from you opened it.

How to use:
Take a wipe from the pack and gently wipe over the face and neck. Re-seal the pack after use.

Claims: Instant cleansing to sweep away make-up, impurities, and excess oil, for clearer looking skin. Infused with tamanu oil.
Facts: Yup. As the claim said.

Community Fair Trade organic tea tree oil from Kenya - an ingredient renowned for its anti-bacterial benefits, an infusion perfect to help blemished skin
Tamanu Oil from Madagascar - traditionally used to promote healthy-looking skin and has fantastic skin moisturising properties
Lemon Tea Tree from Kenya - Anti-bacterial to give the products a zesty fragrance

  • Smells really good and the smell last for one hour (For some people, you might think that this is annoying because everyone seats near you can smell the scent, but for me, I am quite okay with that. The smell is very refreshing too. So I have no problem with it.)
  • Easy to bring and use
  • Suitable for acne prone skin
  • Feels oily after a while
  • Only contains of 25 sheets
  • Last for only 3 months
You can purchase it online through the body shop website or go to the nearest the body shop counter.

Re-purchase? Yes, because my lil sister took it -_-

Rate 4 out of 5

This is not a sponsored products 


  1. menurutku wanginya terlalu menyengat..iya ga sih? hahaha
    nice post say ^^

    1. iya sih, memang strong scent nya. but I like it. Jadi ga masalah sih buat aku :)

  2. Aku suka sih sama bau tea tree.
    Tapi 69k buat cleansing wipe
    #errr #meditt

    1. yes, it is pricey. makannya aku pakai kalau butuh aja, ga setiap hari pakai juga. bisa bangkrut apalagi isinya cuma 25 sheets. :)

  3. hem, tapi kalo daku ujung-ujungnya kudu cuci muka juga, kyak ada yang kurang kalo pakai cleansing wipes doank :)
    by Author of DELLilah's Blog

    1. iya sih, aku cuma pakai kalau harus di kampus/ di luar sampai malam. Walaupun ga cukup, at least it helps me clean my face. Sampai di rumah pasti langsung cuci muka kok.

  4. aku malah suka wanginya hehehe *kebiasaan bau tea treenya TBS*

    1. samaaa. aku ngerasa baunya bikin seger juga :)

  5. samaan deh suka sama wanginyaaa~~

    oh ya, aku lagi ngadain blog sale nih, diliat liat ya ^^

  6. Hai dear, menarik reviewnya.. pengen coba ah.... kulitku sensitif sih, tp body shop pasti aman kan yah.
    main2 n follow ke blog aku yuks..

    1. kalau ga salah dia ada cleansing wipes dari line dia yang lain deh. Kalau ini kan dari line yang Tea Tree Series karena mukaku gampang jerawatan.
      Okay dear :)

  7. Praktis dan bersih (:
    Love it!


    1. Yap. Apalagi buat yang gampang jerawatan. Cocok banget ini.

  8. ugh 65K buat cleansing wipes --" apalagi isinya cuma 25 #medit wkwkwk aku sih malah suka sama baunya itu seger gimana gitu (aku pernah coba yang facewashnya ^^)

    1. Aku juga pake facewashnya. Emang mahal cleansing wipesnya, tapi mau gimana lagi. Praktis habisnya. Dipake cuma buat keadaan darurat aja, dibawa2 pas pergi/ ngampus.


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