Saturday, November 24, 2012

[Tips] Stay Allday Long Lipgloss

1. Use it only on the center of your lips.
If you use it correctly, lipgloss would make your lips looks fuller and more beautiful. Use lipgloss on the center of your lips would help the lipgloss stay all day long rather than you apply in on your corner lips.

2. Use foundation
Foundation would be very helpful to make your lipgloss stay all day long. Dots the foundation around the lips lines. Don't use foundation on the center of your lips because it will make your lips dry. Foundation also will help your lips looks natural when you apply lipgloss.

3. Use loose powder
Beside using foundation, you can use loose powder before you apply your lipgloss. Loose powder will help stabilize your lipgloss.

4. Lipliner would be useful
People thinks that if they use lipgloss, a lipliner would be useless. That's wrong. Because lipliner will help make your lipgloss neat and smudges free.


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