Friday, December 28, 2012

[Review] Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care

How are you guys?
Time fly so fast right?
It almost new year!
Have you plan your holiday? Where are you going to go?
Too bad I can't go anywhere since I have my final test coming this week :(

Okay, now I'm gonna review about Maybelline Lip Smooth Color & Care.
It is a tinted lip balm.
In Indonesia, it comes with 2 shade. Mandarin and Cherry if I'm not mistaken.
I got mine in Mandarin.

Here's the look:

Closer look:

Swatch on my lips:

Looks on artificial light:
Swatch on half lips (L-bare, R-using product)
 Natural light:
 Using full product natural light vs artificial light:

Because it gives very sheer tints to my lips, I'm trying to swatch it on my hands:

Revitalizes dry/ dull lips, gives moisturizing shine, softens and smoothens lips

  • Doesn't give that greasy feeling when you apply lip balm
  • Give nice tints
  • Nice scent
  • Hygienic
  • Not long lasting
  • The part to swirl up and down the product is easily broken ( I don't know is it just me or somebody has the same problem with me. Mine has broken already. So when you swirl up, you can't swirl it down again so you have to push it if you want to put the product inside the cap)
Rate: 5 out of 5

Repurchase: Yes.
I love this product even mine has broken already :( It gives nice tints. Very natural and sheer. So if you are searching for really showed up tinted lip balms, it isn't the product you are searching for. It doesn't give you that greasy feeling so I love it. And it works okay with moist up my lips.
If you have very dry lips, I don't think that it will help out your problem. Because the moisturizer works so so.


  1. thanks for the review :D

    anyway, join my giveaway!
    win IDR50.000,- gift vouchers
    and get all stuffs with a half price! ❤

  2. Warnanya bagus yach say....
    Sukaaa liat warnanya....
    Nice review....

  3. I prefer the colorless one from maybelline to this.. the baby lips one.. but, seems like it's good on you...

    btw, mind to follow each other?

    1. okay :)

      I love this because it gibes nice sheer tints. Make my lips looks healthier.

  4. Mandarin? Warnany kayak jeruk gitu ya dear? ^w^
    Cakep warnanya. Aku punyanya yg stroberi.
    Salam kenal^w^

    1. Yap. Peachy orange gitu.
      Salam kenal juga :)


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