Saturday, January 12, 2013

[Review] The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Mist

Today, I'm gonna share about my favorite body mist of all time.
It is.... The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Mist.
Do you guys know about body mist? The differences berween body mist, eau de toilette and parfume?

Okay, let me explain a lil bit about body mist/ body spray.
According to
A body spray is lighter than a perfume or cologne, and it is often sprayed in various spots on the body after showering. Using a body spray is an ideal way to add subtle fragrance to the body without going overboard. Read more: How to Use Body Spray |

So, here's the look of The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Body Mist:

 The cap:

  • Cheap (IDR 119.000 in counter)
  • The product last for a long time. I mean, I purchased it around June, and it is still half of the bottle though I used it every morning.
  • Absolutely love the fragrance. Not too strong yet noticeable. The scent kinda sweet so it is good for a girl/woman.
  • The smell last for a long time. I used it every morning, and in the evening when I want to take a shower, I still can smell the scent.
  • Handy packaging. It made from a plastic so you don't have to worry about getting it broken into pieces when it bumps something hard.

Nothing at the moment

Rate: 5 out of 5

Repurchase? Of course.

I love this product. I used it every day so my boyfriend said that it is like my scent ID, like unique one because I haven't found my friends used the same product. :D
Among the other The Body Shop Body Mist, I love this one.
Btw, I have the Moroccan Rose Eau De Toilette too :D

So, what is your favorite fragrance?


  1. thanks for sharing, this seems pretty nice ^_~

  2. I have the body butter version, and somehow the scent change! When I bought it, very nice indeed, and several appliance, it become awful... I wonder why. Does it happen to your body mist?

    1. OMG. Sorry to hear that. Does the color change?
      I have its body mist and eau de toilette. And so far, I have no problem with it. The scent doesn't change.
      It's my first bottle of body mist, but I've been using the eau de toilette for a while. I think it's my 4th bottle now.

  3. it seems nice ^^
    will smell it when i'm going to TBS hehe

  4. pretty pattern ^_^,kemasannya repot kalau di pencet" kaya gitu hihi,suka mampet kadang model kemasan itu

    1. tapi aku belom pernah nemuin masalah mampet sih di kemasan ini :)

  5. Mamaku juga punya ini, wanginya enakk banget! Love this product too ^^
    Well, the most parfume i like is The Body shop white musk for men, it's really drives me crazy >,,<


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