Friday, February 1, 2013

[Haul] My Korea Trip Nail Polishes Haul

Hello guys.
As you might know from my previous post, I went to Korea last week.
And I'm gonna share few things that I bought from Korea.

I know it isn't a huge haul, it is relatively small because I'm afraid that if I bought too many things, my luggage would be overweighted.

And today, I'm gonna share my nail polishes haul.

Okay, here they are:
I bought these nail polishes from Nature Republic for USD 1 each. Cheap eh?

They are from The Face Shop. USD 1 each.

Next one:

From Nature Republic. USD 3. It is super gorgeous glittery gold color.

Bought these two from Skin Food. The Nail Polish Remover for USD 2. The Nail Polish for USD 1.5.

From Etude House. I think it is about USD 6/7. I forgot.

See ya on my next post about skin care and make up haul from Korea :)


  1. Sharing trip di korea juga dong say! hehehe :D
    oh ya ditunggu ya review nail polish from nature republic yang cuma 1 dollar itu :D


  2. iya sharing dong ;)

    visit my blog ^^

  3. pas k sana nginep d hotel apaa?
    ditunggu post haul yg lainnya :D

    1. Di PJ Hotel, di Myeondong. Hotelnya enak banget banget loh. Affordable lagi. :D

    2. wahhhh d pj hotel ada shuttle bus k myeongdong nya kann?
      aku lg consider mau d sana sihhh tp lmyan mahal yaaa ._.

    3. iya, ada shuttle bus kemana2. Jadi enak :D
      dia sering ada diskon kok say. waktu itu jadi nginep di sana gara2 ada diskon gitu.

  4. wahh asyikk liburan ke korea :D
    ditunggu postnya yaa ^^

  5. waaah ditunggu reviewnya :D

  6. Waaah, liburan ke Korea, aku juga mauuu TT___TT

    Oh ya, itu ikut tour ato berangkat sendiri? Aku beneran jadi kepengen (kalo ngga mahal)

    Oh ya, new follower here :)
    Mind to follow back? Hehehehe...


  7. Ya ampun murah banget itu di Korea! I'm stuck with Indo and Aus - Indo--> not so bad pricing, Australia--> OMG so expensive.

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