Sunday, February 10, 2013

[Haul] My Korea Trip Skin Care and Cosmetics Haul

Happy CNY!
I hope this year brings luck, happiness, healthy, and prosperity to you and your family. :)

Today I'm gonna share my skin care and cosmetics that I bought when I went to Korea.

Here they are:

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer and Oh my Eye Liner

Skin Food Rice Mask Wash Off and Sun Aloe BB Cream
I've reviewed the rice mask wash off here
and sun aloe bb cream here
Check that out if you haven't read it. :)

Let's continue with my haul:

Tony Moly Cat Wink Crazy Tints

All Samples that I got

Etude House Aloe and Pearl Extract Sheet Mask

It's all that I got from Korea.
I want to buy more but I was afraid that my luggage would be overweight and I don't have enough time for shopping because it was winter and it was really freezing at night. So, I couldn't shop until late night :( Too bad.

The other things that I bought from Korea was some Kpop albums and decorations.

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  1. nice haul sist:)
    ditunggu review sample2nya hehe

  2. hi,
    kosmetik merk2 korea gitu jauh lebih murah ga sih ama yg biasanya ada di olshop indo?
    disana ada sephora ama daiso ga?
    kepo, soalnya akhir maret mo ke korsel juga, ikut tour sih.. tapi pengen planning belanjaan hehehe ..

    danke! ^^

    1. ga ada sephora say di korea. kalau daiso ada :D
      kalau harga biasa (satuan) gitu, ga beda jauh sih sama di indo. paling beda 10 ribuan doang.
      kecuali kalau di sana ada diskon/ beli paketan gitu, itu bedanya bisa jauuhhhhh.

  3. Happy Chinese Year! I like your haul ^^

  4. Ahh I miss Korea, I want to go back there~ It's so much fun shopping for cosmetics :D
    Were you there alone or with friends?^-^

    Happy Chinese New Year as well :33

  5. oooh, lovely hauls!! I want some of them too ^_~

  6. Nice haul~ I want to go to korea too :( envy you he5

  7. wanna go to korea too....

    visit mine:
    follow back yaa kalau gak keberatan

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  9. waaaahh coba aku tau kalo kaka ke Korea >.< mau nitip hehehehe

    1. hehe. waktu itu udah sempet cerita kok di salah satu post kalau mau ke Korea :D

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