Sunday, February 24, 2013

[Review] Etude House Oh my Eye Liner

This post gonna be my review on Etude House Oh my Eye Liner and a story about my first time using liquid eyeliner.

Here's the look:

I bought it when I went to Korea.
It is the grey one.

Let me tell you my first experience using liquid eye liner.
I've never used any liquid eye liner before.
So, when I used it, I tend to put the product on my lashes -_-
And because of that, my lashes became kinda stiff? I mean, it feels like I'm using mascara on my lashes.

Look at my lashes, it became messy. There are lashes that not stay in the place because of the product gets into my lashes:

I don't know if it's true or not, I feel like my lashes feels longer when the product gets into my lashes:


  • Gives precise line
  • Dry quickly
  • Gives that cool sensation when you use it
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge proof as long as you don't smudge it while the lids are wet or the liner still wet
  • Cheap
  • Nice color
  • Makes my lashes hurt :'(
Rate: 3.5 out of 5

Re-purchase? Maybe someday if I already expert at using liquid eyeliner. :p

 Here's the swatch on my hand:
One swap with makeup remover:

Swap swap:

And it's completely gone.

As you can see in the picture, it gives you some kind of glittery shine.

Water test:

Yes, it waterproof!
But.. don't smudge it because..

It will completely gone!

My photos using this eyeliner:
(Sorry for the bare-face :p)

When I removed the liner from my eyes:
Maybe I used it too harsh so that my lashes were falling T.T

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  1. I used to use the Etude House Proof 10 Liquid liner, it's pretty similar to this one. It sticks on my lashes too bcs the applicator is brush-type and it's not stiff enough D: it picks up so much product and lands on my lashes x_x and it's so hard to get them off the eyelashes, I have to pull it sometimes x_x lol... try Dolly Wink Liquid Liner it's great! It won't stick on your lashes ;)

    1. Oh.. that's why. I think it only happened to me.
      Yes, it will stick to my lashes and hard to remove them :( that's why it makes my lashes fall out T.T

  2. sama kyk aku nih, masih blepotan klo make yg liquid. yg pencil aja kadang masih blepotan aplgi yg liquid
    ya, klo ga sngaja usap"mata jd blepotan dong ya, aku suka lupa gt klo pke mascara/eyeliner, suka ngusap-ngusap mata tnpa sadar

    1. sama banget. aku juga suka usap2 mata. hehe. asal eyelid kamu ga oily, dia ga bakal smudge kok.

  3. ini fave aku nih, udah abis 4 botol :p
    *salam eyeliner maniac

  4. Salah satu liquid liner affordable yg aku suka. Bulmatku agak curly jadi suka nyangkut kemana2 juga kalau pake liquid liner he he he

  5. hi sist..
    Lam knal yah..Btw, bulu mataku juga rontok bbrp klo aku hapus nih eyeliner..pdhl bulmatku udh tipis banget... :(
    dan lagi dia itu suka ngelupas, jdnya masuk2 gt ke mata aku...:( soalnya eyelid ku oily banget sih jd dia retak2..

  6. great review! but I am not a fan of liquid liner as I have shaky hands so always go for pencil liner =)


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