Friday, February 15, 2013

[Review] Nesura's O Three Waterising Mask Collagen

Hello everyone.
My holiday is officially over and here they come 6th semester of my study in college.

Today I'm gonna share about the mask that the Hotel where I stayed in Korea gave to me.

It is Nesura's O Three Waterising Mask Collagen.
May be it is not famous in Indonesia, but I've seen several post about trip to Korea and some of them shared that they had the same mask from their hotel.

Here's the look:

Sorry I didn't take the back cover :(
The hotel also gave the facial foam one, but I haven't used it.

Here's my look using that mask:
Super messy hair because I used the mask before went to bed.

  • Super moisturizing ( It was winter in Korea, and it made my skin very dry even my skin have some patches because the wind makes my skin froze, so it was really good for moisturizing)
  • Smells good
  • Didn't make that sticky feeling after used it
  • Smooth-en up my skin
  • Didn't make my skin oily
  • It was too large for my face
  • Not suitable for Indonesia weather (maybe) because Indonesia has that hot climate, so Indonesian people tend to have not too dry skin or oily skin
  • Hard to find because it is not famous in Indonesia

Rate: 5 out of 5
Even a week after I went back from Korea, my skin changed from oily skin (before went to Korea) to dry skin. And this mask really help me went through the dry skin problem.
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