Sunday, April 14, 2013

[Review] Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #6

I'm back with another review.
I haven't posted anything since early April because I've just finished my mid term exam! And I've been busy with my projects and stuffs. And also my internet connection has been super laaaammmeeee! *Too bad :(* It makes me even more lazier to post something. Haha.

This time is Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails which I bought in Korea.
Read my haul here.

Here's the look:

It comes with 6 different color:
#1 Screw Driver
-Base: Soft Orange
-Middle: Sweet Orange
-Top: Fresh Orange

#2 Kiss Of Fire
-Base: Soft Pink
-Middle: Lovely Pink
-Top: Kiss Kiss Pink

#3 Love Violet
-Base: Soft Purple
-Middle: Romantic Purple
-Top: Mystery Purple

#4 Mint Frappe
-Base: Soft Mint
-Middle: Soda Mint
-Top: Cool Mint

#5 Princess Marry
-Base: Bling-Bling Beige
-Middle: Marry Gold
-Top: Princess Gold

#6 Angel's Kiss
-Base: Bling-Bling White
-Middle: Angel Silver
-Top: Snow Flower Silver

And mine is Angel's Kiss.

It comes with 3 bottle of nail polishes. Basically what you need to do is
1. Apply #1 to nails, covering entire nail surface.
2. Allow nails to partly dry then appply #2 to nails from the mid nail line to the tip.
3. Allow coats #1 & #2 to partly dry then apply #3 just along the nail tips.

Just as simple as that.
The cap of the bottle has number on it. So you don't have to worry which number to apply first.


I loovvveee the way it looks on my nail. Even my friend compliments my nails because of it. Hehe.

But from my experience, you have to put base coat before you apply this so it will stay longer at your nails and put top coat to prevent its glitter to crack by itself. Because if you don't it will only stay on your nails for 3 days without getting cracks, after that it will cracks and the dry polishes will completely gone from the base.

Re-purchase? Even it not stay that long on my nails, I love the color. I want another color thou. :D

Thanks for reading my post.


  1. cantik warnanya :3

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  2. simple tapi manis banget ya hasilnya, sukaaa

    visit my blog
    xxo ^^

  3. Wow it's really pretty! I love gradient nails like this. ^o^
    Just wondering do you find it gets really thick at the tips? When I do gradient nails it's always too thick at the tips and looks messy. U_U
    Anyways nice review :)

  4. I LIKE THE HUGE SPECS OF GLITTERS! thank you for sharing!

    btw, i hope you can join my giveaway. here's the link:

  5. it look so pretty and glamorous! loved the design!! ^_~

  6. It's cute. I always love to put glitters on my nails :)

  7. Oo my!!! It looked so PRETY <3 GIGLove <3

  8. Wow I love that huge blob of glitter at the top of nail. Love the shade. Although my personal fav is darker colors. :P

  9. Wow love the blob of glitters at the top of your nail. The shade is cute too. However, I personally like to go for darker shades of color. :P

  10. Wow love the blob of glitters at the top of your nail. The shade is cute too. However, I personally like to go for darker shades of color. :P

  11. Glitter nails are awesome. Like everything that sparkles. xoxo KJ

  12. lovely looking manicure!!! :D #GIG

  13. Nice!!!! I like it!!! :) I like the sparkles and glitters! hahaha :D #GIG

  14. I have it too in gold color, it's awesome

  15. Great review! Thank you :) Nat #GIGlove

  16. I have the screwdriver :)) Though I would like to have yours as I can't see a gradation effect with screwdriver :) Nice nails :)


  17. CUTENESS OVERLOAD! i want to try it,,

    - from gig

  18. I got the green and the purple nail polish set, the silver set you bought looks pretty too. :)

    There are now three new sets, you can read more at my blog:
    New Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails sets


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