Saturday, April 27, 2013

[Swatches] La Tulipe Eye Shadow #17

Today I'm gonna share swatches from La Tulipe Eye Shadow. Btw, La Tulipe is Indonesian Brand.
It is famous for its cheap yet pigmented product.
I know it isn't the best quality, but.. what you can't expect more from the price you pay.

Here's the look:
(I'm sorry, I've had this for so long, so I've dropped it several times, got scratches because I'm so careless -_-)

Originally, the cap has "La Tulipe" printed on. But somehow it disappeared.

The color:
(I've warned you, I've dropped it several times. So.. the one color is broken already T.T)
 With flash:
 Nice color, eh?

It comes with a sponge tip and little brush. But I bet for some people, they didn't use the sponge given. :D

Here's the swatches:

 With the flash on:
You're not confused with the color right? I swatched it from the top right part of the eyeshadow, then bottom right, then top left, then bottom left.

It has nice color of purple, brown, yellow, and peach.

Oh, btw. It is in number 17. I don't really know how many shades they come in.

As you can see from the swatches, it is very pigmented, right?
And the color is really good, easy to use and suitable for daily basis.
But, I feel that the eye shadow a bit powdery, so you have to be careful when using it because it will makes a fall out under your eyes.

I love Indonesian Products :)


  1. warnanya bagus ya,sayang banget isinya retak :(


    1. iyaa :(( udah jatuh berkali2 soalnya. hehehe.

  2. hi dear, aku menominasikan kamu untuk LIEBSTER AWARD nih...

    please visit this link

    for details..


    1. thank you for nominating me, but I've been nominated before.

      Thank you :*


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