Sunday, May 5, 2013

Officially Got IBB's Logo!

I'm officially got Indonesian Beauty Blogger's Logo! Yeiiiyyy.
I know it's just a beauty blogger community.
But hey, it feels great to be known for something you did. :D
I'm not saying that I've already expert on it. In fact, I am still a newbie. Hehe.
This post is just to express my happiness.

Let me tell you a short story about my blog,
At first, I got super shy to write anything about beauty related.
The first reason is.. I feel I'm not as beautiful as other beauty blogger :( So, I was lack of confident and always thought that.. "would anybody read my blog? would my post be helpful?"
But I quickly erased those thoughts by thinking I want to share, I want to write, so it doesn't matter if no one reads it. May be as time goes by, I can improve my writing skill and more people would read even subscribe to my blog.

So, thank you for those who reads my blog. For those who subscribe to my blog, my bloglovin, etc. Thank you for your nice comments. It really means a lot to me.*kiss*

I promise to post more often, to improve my writing quality and my photos' quality, and re-arrange my blog template so it will be more cute *ehem*.

I'm trying to save money to buy more products to review and to buy a new camera for better quality of pictures ( now I'm using my father's old camera which is already been used for 5++ years)

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  1. congrats!! aku baca loh blogmu :3

    I invite you to enter my giveaway to win cute bag and pretty bracelet ^^

  2. Wah selamat selamat, makin rajin ngeblog nih. . .


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