Sunday, May 5, 2013

[Review] Platinum Ristra Longlasting Lipstick #92 Chic Lavender

My Laptop has been acting weird these days.
I don't know, maybe the OS corrupted or something.
So, it would take super long time to load. Ergh.
I'm so pissed off with that. Believe it or not, I almost cry because I'm so desperate waiting for it to load the windows. It would take at least 30 minutes or so to load.
I have so much to do and I have to wait it load?

Just a short story about me.

Today. I'm gonna share about Indonesian Brand called Platinum by Ristra spesifically in number 92 called Chic Lavender which I got from Lola Box. If you haven't seen the post, you can check it here.

Here's the look:

Pretty color, right?

Here's the swatch:

I'm sorry for the out-focusing pictures. I don't know why my camera won't focused if I turned off the blitz. -_-

Here's the look on my lips:
Bare lips. Bare face *shy* *pimples everywhere*

Pretty color <3 With artificial light.

Without artificial light. Again, sorry for the blurry image.
  • Pigmented
  • Pretty color
  • Glides on easily
  • Dry out my lips
  • Smells so lipsticky *if it makes sense*
Honestly, I don't like wearing lipstick on. I've tried several brand of lipsticks, mostly are Indonesian brands, and mostly are my mom's, it dries out my lips. :(( So, I prefer lip balm with tints, or lip tints it self.
And I hate the smell of the lipstick. If smell weird.. like smelling of plastic, somehow. I don't know how to describe the smell. I just hate the smell.

The Chic Lavender has pink- slightly purple undertone to it. And I find it really pretty colors.
It is very pigmented to.
So, if you are a lipjunkie, you should try this. :))

To prevent your lips from drying, you can put lip gloss/ lip balm after you put the lipstick.
And make sure to use lip balm/ lip butter at night. I find it very useful to treat dry lips.

Here's me using the lipstick:

See ya on my next post. :))

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  1. really nice color! ^_^

  2. I feel you about the crying when my laptop won't load. It felt like ages waiting for the windows logo to show up.

    Such a pretty color and it suits your complexion, too! ^_^

  3. I loved the color, it look so lovely on you^_~


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