Saturday, June 8, 2013

[Haul] Collective Haul Part 1

I haven't post about haul for the pas months. Obviously, it's not because I didn't buy anything.
It's because I haven't got a chance to post it.

So, take a look on what I got for the pas months:

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion
It's been my favorite. In fact, if finished using that tea tree oil. It empty already and haven't purchased the new one :(
Tea tree oil will helps acne to calm down and heal the acne. The Tea tree blemish fade night lotion is to help reduce blemishes during your sleep at night.

Mitu Baby Soft Care Wipes with Chamomile and Tea Tree Oil

I used it to cleanse my face before I use my facial wash. It helps you remove the dirt on your face also to remove make up.
It also remove certain waterproof makeup efficiently.
Well, I'm not sure if it is okay to use this on the face, but since it is a baby wipes, contain tea tree oil, non alcohol, and the fragrance is natural, so maybe it is okay to use it on the face.

Masami Shouko HD Foundation Brush and Lip Brush.
Konjac Sponge
Paseo Facial Wipes

I've used it already. I'm quite surprise I haven't post these haul yet because I've take the picture and edit it a long time ago. My bad.

And the last is..
MUA Undressed Palette
And when I received it.. It already broke. My heart broke into pieces right after I opened the package. :(

That's all about my make up and skin care haul.

On March/ April, Forever 21 opened their store in PIM 1, so I have to take a look and bought some rings:

Actually, there are many more products I bought. That's why it's called part 1.
I'll post the rest soon.
See ya on my next post.

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  1. oh gawd, what happen to the palette?? didnt the seller pack it with a bubble wrap....awww, my heart felt for you too :(

    1. the seller only pack it with thin layer of bubble wrap and put it in an envelop, also she didn't put fragile sticker on it. so maybe the courier drop it :'(

  2. haduh sayang banget yah eyeshadownya rusak !!
    gw sih udah marah2x kali yak . . .
    maklum kan mahal juga X( . .

    find me here :

    1. iya. kecewa banget apalagi ikut POnya lama, sampe 2 bulan.
      sempet shock juga pas buka paketnya :'(

  3. Hi Nella. TBS lagi ada promo loh :p *tebar racun*

    1. promo apaaa?? *berbinar-binar*
      yang di PRJ itu ya?


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