Sunday, July 7, 2013

Etude House Upcoming Collection 2013: ICE SHOT and SWEET BUBBLE PLAY

Hey guys. I saw that Etude House will release their newest collection and I think I have to share it to you guys because the products looks gorgeous and girly as always.

After released their Bling in The Sea Collection, now they release Ice Shot and Sweet Bubble Play Collection.

Here's the sneak peek of the collection:

Ice Shot Cool Band - Freeze Foam
I think this one could be a great products. Especially if you live in a hot and humid weather. It would be nice if you feel hot then you can just use this products to cool you up.

Ice Shot - Sleeping Mist

Vivid Pop Stick
The colors are so beautiful and looks pigmented >.<

Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base Tube Version
You must be familiar with this products, right? But now, Etude House release the tube version of this products. Previously they released the jar one. I think it will be more hygienic if it's come with the tube.

They also release bath products called Sweet Bubble Play.
Isn't it supercute?

They also release nail and body painting sticker

Lastly, they also sell cute tumblr.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliate with Etude House nor getting paid by posting this.
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  1. Aaahh...Etude House semakin kesini smakin lucu & menggoda aza produk2nya *keracunan dech* Ice Shot Cool Band itu bakal jadi wish list aku,,secara cuaca disini itu panaas (pakai bgttt) >_< xixixi
    Btw, kemarin aku baru menang giveaway yg hadiahnya si cute tumbler ini <3 duh gak sabar pengen lihat bentuk aslinya,,xixixi
    Oh ya, im your followers (^_^)

    Miss Ehara's Closet

    1. iya. cocok banget apalagi tinggal di Indonesia nan panas ini hahaha

  2. Thanks for the info!~ Everything looks really good in this collection, but the ice shot foam thing is the coolest by far! Definitely going to look for this on ebay stores! C:

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