Wednesday, August 28, 2013

[Tutorial] 1st Makeup Tutorial

Hello ~
I'm back with my first makeup tutorial.
I created this look while ago.
Don't worry, it's simple and easy to follow (since I'm not expert yet haha).
It will also pop your eyes more cos I used bright color for this.

Post ini adalah tutorial mengenai eye makeup pertama aku. Maaf nih masih simple2 aja looknya karena memang masih amatir juga. Harus banyak belajar *yosh*

The look: 
 Close up look:

Monday, August 26, 2013

Etude House Fall Collection 2013: & Rose

Hello guys. As you may know, Fall would be coming soon.
So, of course, as a Korean makeup brand addict, I'm searching what's new from Korean brands.
And of course as usual, Etude House is launching their Fall Collection called & Rose.

Kali ini aku mau share tentang koleksi untuk musim gugurnya dari Etude House.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

[Review] Innisfree It's Real Tea Tree Mask

Hello girls.
Today I want to review Sheet Mask from Innisfree It's Real Tea Tree Mask. Tea tree mask will help you to soothes your troubled skin. And this brand (Innisfree), use natural ingredients on their products. The mask infused with the blend of herb complex water and ingredients from nature, this real mask adds vitality and energy to your skin.

Sekarang aku mau mereview Innisfree It's Real Tea Tree Mask. Buat yang ga tau guna tea tree, tea tree itu baik digunakan untuk orang yang punya kulit bermasalah, khususnya masalah dengan yang namanya jerawat. Oleh karena itu, tea tree ini baik digunakan untuk orang yang punya masalah kulit berminyak dan berjerawat.

The packaging looks like this:

Monday, August 19, 2013

[Inspired Makeup] Lee Bo Young/ Jang Hye Sung in "I Hear Your Voice"

Have you watch Korean Drama called I Hear Your Voice / 너의 목소리가 들려?
It was so goodd :)
As I mentioned earlier in my latest random post, I love her look there. Simple yet chic.

Dan pas banget Indonesian Beauty Blogger lagi ngadain Makeup Challange bertema Pop Your K-Pop! bulan ini. Sudah tau ga bakal menang sih :3 Habis yang lain pastinya keren2 dan kece2. Apalagi aku masih amatir banget. Haha. Tapi memberanikan diri buat iseng2 ikut.

This is her look in the drama. Don't you love her bright color clothes and bright pink lips?

And this is me:

Sunday, August 4, 2013

[Inspired Makeup] From After School's UEE First Love Album

Ah.. I haven't post anything for the past 2 weeks.
Actually I want to review Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream, I have taken the pictures, etc etc but it still on my draft.
I'm too busy (watching drama and doing my internship).
I'm not a huge fan of K-drama, but this drama caught my eyes. It's I Hear Your Voice.
Btw, I love Lee Bo Young's makeup there, so simple yet chic.
Back to the post..

Today, I'm gonna post about my best attempt to do After School's UEE Makeup.
I called this inspired makeup because I think it doesn't look the same :p
I should keep trying to learn and improve my make up skill so that later I can post makeup tutorial thou.

Here's UEE looks:
Doesn't she looks stunning?