Sunday, August 4, 2013

[Inspired Makeup] From After School's UEE First Love Album

Ah.. I haven't post anything for the past 2 weeks.
Actually I want to review Innisfree Real Skin CC Cream, I have taken the pictures, etc etc but it still on my draft.
I'm too busy (watching drama and doing my internship).
I'm not a huge fan of K-drama, but this drama caught my eyes. It's I Hear Your Voice.
Btw, I love Lee Bo Young's makeup there, so simple yet chic.
Back to the post..

Today, I'm gonna post about my best attempt to do After School's UEE Makeup.
I called this inspired makeup because I think it doesn't look the same :p
I should keep trying to learn and improve my make up skill so that later I can post makeup tutorial thou.

Here's UEE looks:
Doesn't she looks stunning?

Eye makeup:
1. Apply eyeshadow primer
2. Put brown eyeshadow allover the lid
3. Put dark brown eyeshadow at the lower lashes and connect it to the outer v
4. Put black eyeshadow at the outer v
5. Highlight the lower innercorner
6. Apply mascara or put fake eyelashes
And it's all done :D

And for the lips, it's so simple, just apply your pinky nude lipstick/ lip tint/ lip stain.

Since I already have big eyes, I didn't put the eyeshadow thick enough because it will make my eyes looks even bigger. Instead of put thick eyeshadow, I put the eyeshadow longwe than UEE to make my eyes looks longer and smaller.

My look:

I know my makeup doesn't bold enough. One of the reasons is.. I don't have black eyeshadow! lol. So I use very dark brown instead of black.
And I think I should blend it more so it will looks good.
I also didn't use mascara in my photos because I can't find my mascara back then -_- 

P.S. For After School's Fans or UEE's fans, please don't bash on me. Don't hate me because I miss-create her look :'( I will try my best next time.

See ya.

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  1. I think you did quite a great job on recreating the look! Loved how you fill your eyes! gorgeous look you have created! ^_~


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