Saturday, October 19, 2013

[Review] Vaseline Healthy Sunblock SPF 30

Hello girls.
A lil bit productive this month by making a consistent post everyweek. Haha. Just to catch up the previous month since I have been on MIA or not making that much post.

Well.. I also wondering if you prefer to read my post in English or Bahasa Indonesia, or both? Well.. there is a translator button on my right side bar ----> to turn this post into any language you comfortable with.

Okay, here we go.
This time I'm gonna review my Vaseline Healthy Sunblock with SPF 30.
It's been my go to sunblock especially if I'm going to campus.
I notice that in my 3rd year as university student, I'm getting tanner and tanner every year.
Probably because I didn't use sunblock before.
So, I started to use one.
To prevent skin cancer too.
And I choose this sunblock from Vaseline one.

The look:

Notice that zigzag beautiful pattern on the back? Yes, it is Batik. One of Indonesian Heritage that I proud of. Hehe.

Here's the cap:
I know it's a bit messy since I used it a lot and usually I used it when I'm in a hurry. So.. that's why it looks gross. Pardon me >.<

Here's the swatch of it:

You don't have to worry about leaving a white cast or feeling sticky. It would not make you feel that. It's very comfortable to wear. And it almost feels like you wearing a body lotion or body butter.

  • Non sticky
  • Contain UV A and UV B Protection
  • Contain Protein Yoghurt and Aloe Vera Extract to moist up skin
  • Water Resistant
  • Cheap
  • Have to reapply each 2 hours
  • Smells like sunblock (of course! since it is a sunblock. what you expect, nell? lol)
  • Contain paraben
sofar, I loovvee this product. It really helps me from getting tanner each day. Haha. And it is moisturizing my skin too.  And the most important one.. it is cheap. :p

Disclaimer: I bought this product with my own money and it is based on my honest opinion

See you on my next post.
Hope you enjoy reading it.

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  1. Murah ya harga nya? Lumayan tinggi SPFnya untuk ukuran bodylotion ya mba?

    1. Murah kok, ga nyampe 20ribu seinget aku harganya. Lumayan banget sih spf 30. Cuma tahan 2 jam di sinar matahari. Kalau mau yang oke banget harus cari yang spf 50. Tapi ini so far enak banget kok makenya. Ga bikin lengket sama sekali.

  2. Aku juga pake vaseline kadang, udah murah terus no sticky at all. That's my favourite part. x)

    1. That's my favorite too. Tapi belom pernah nyoba body lotionnya sih..

  3. ak pake ini tp kok lengket2 gitu yaaaa >_<
    trus samaa ga suka juga nih sama baunya, aneh~

    PS : I've just followed your blog, mind to follow back? :) thanks for your comment XD

    1. Oiya? Aku ga ngerasa lengket sama sekali malah.
      dan baunya mending sih daripada sunscreennya banana boat. Ini lebih light. Jadi ga ganggu sama sekali.
      I will follow you back ^^

  4. Aku vaseline lovers banget, dari lip therapynya, lip balm, body lotion, sampe sunblock ini juga aku pake. Good products at affordable price.

    Sunblocknya recommended! :D

    Mind to follow back? ^^

    1. Iya, yang aku paling suka, kualitasnya oke, harga pun oke.
      udah di follow back ya :)

  5. konsep baru yang lebih asik pakainya dibanding jaman dulu yang lengeeettt banget.


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