Sunday, November 24, 2013

[Review] Etude House Aloha V Slim Line Maker #1 Sun Gold/ Wood Brown

Hello everyone ^^
I haven't post anything for a while since I've been sick for the past week.
I feel a lot better today and I want to share my opinion about Etude House Aloha V- Slim Line Maker.
I got in number 1 Sun Gold and Wood Brown.
It is available in 2 shade.
For you who haven't know what it is, it is basically a bronzer and a highlighter.
Many beauty bloggers and beauty gurus have been raved this product, so I think why not giving it a try?

Here's the baby looks like:

 Isn't it pretty?
 Close up look:

Notice that one flower has broken already? Yapp. That's because I accidentally dropped it. Luckily only one part of that pretty flower pattern broke. I have tried to fix it using alcohol buy only pour the alcohol near that broken part. At first it was okay, but then when I used it constanly, it broke again, so I thought.. there wasn't any hope to fix it. I just let it go.. *sad

Here's the back part of the product. It contain the information of the shade. It has no information about the ingredients.
 Swatch on my hand:

This is only one swap of it. The bronzer looks nice on my hands. But when I applied it on my face, it looks reddish, not brown like in my hand. I don't know why. So when I use it as contouring around my nose, it just not work at all because it will makes my nose looks reddish than brown.
And for the highlighter. I absolutely love it. It has subtle shimmer. Really gorgeous. Gives you that glow and shine to your cheek bones. Really love it.

The shade selection:
The difference is the number one has that yellow highlighter and light brown bronzer to it, suits for the one that has yellow tone and lighter skin tone. And number two has pink highlight and darker bronzer and suits for the one that has pink undertone skin.
Oh, I almost forget to mention that it include a brush in the packaging, but the brush is separated from the highlighter and bronzer package.

  •  Travel friendly (since it include a brush)
  •  Gorgeous color of highlighter
  •  It has nice sweet scent
  •  Pretty pattern
  •  Cute packaging
  • The bronzer didn't work for me
  • The brush is separated from the actual product so you may misplaced the brush
I love the highlighter but not the bronzer. Maybe I won't repurchase it since I only love the half of it ( only the highlighter). I want to try another highlighter product from Etude House called Face Designing Brightener since it only contain a highlighter. I expected the highlighter from that line is the same as this one. But if you looking for a nice highlighter and bronzer all in one, you should give this baby a try.

See you in my next post.

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  1. Replies
    1. belom jago nih aku teknik fotonya jadi kalau dipake di muka ga bisa fokus nangkep shimmernya, jadi ga dimasukin deh huhu

  2. awww, sorry to hear that the bronzer does not match your skintone >_>~ at least the highter wins your heart ^_^~ this compact used to be my hg contouring but ever since i discovered nars laguna, i switched ;)

    1. I have read your review on this product. That's why I bought it. ^^
      It's hard to find nars products here. :(

  3. aku malah lebi suka yg ini drpd yg face designing brightener, warna gold nya lebi okeee :D

    1. aku suka goldnya ini. tapi bronzernya kurang suka :'( kirain yang face designing brightener sama warna goldnya sama ini.

  4. Great review~ Uda beberapa kali sempet mau beli ini tapi belom jadi2 terus :p Thanks for the review.

    Bella /

  5. sayang ya kamu cuma pakai bronzernya ini patternnya cantik bgt,,jadi gak tega makenya,,hahaha

    1. aku malah cuma pake highlighternya aja say. bronzernya kalau di aku terlalu merah. hehe. iyaa. memang cantik banget patternnya. pertama make juga sayang2 takut patternnya cepet ilang :(

  6. Cantik ya.. Tp buat kulit gelap kyk aku bagus g ya.. Klo g salah sariayu punya dwh produk sprti ini tp lupa namanya...

    1. yang glowing powder itu ya? patternnya yang bunga2 juga? hehe.
      mungkin kalau kulitnya cenderung gelap, pake yang nomor 2, kalau ini kan nomor 1.

  7. agree! love the highlighter ><
    bronzernya malah agak kecoklatan di aku kayaknya ><

    1. wah.. sama dong ya kita, kurang cocok sama bronzernya >.<

  8. Ah aku jg suka highlighter nya ini hihi~ sayang ya di km jadinya terlalu merah gitu >_<
    Thanks for sharing ♥

  9. The highighter part looks amazing!


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