Tuesday, December 31, 2013

[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit in W13

Hello gorgeous!
Today I want to review one of the famous bb cream from Etude House. It's a Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit.
As you might know, the other bb cream from the precious mineral (Bright Fit) is one of the best seller bb cream from Etude House. I also had tried the Bright Fit one and I really like it.
Maybe some of you are wondering what's the different between the Bright Fit and Cotton Fit. It has different finish. The bright fit one is suitable for dry to normal skin so it has dewy finish, but the cotton fit one suitable for oily skin that's why it has silky towards matte finish.

The packaging looks like this:

Okay, enough about the packaging.
When I first got the package, I immediately looks at the packaging. It's so cute, classy, and girly. It has hologram on it. I have posted what the hologram looks like at my instagram @nellanelwan.
Super adorable.

The ad:


- Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle + UV Protection + Anti-Darkening
- 3 Free: Paraben-Free, Free of Artificial dyes, Benzophenone Free
- Effectively cover skin defects such as pores and blemishes
- Baby mineral powder makes skin soft and fresh such as cotton
- Clean & Bright Pearl extract 16.5% and cotton veil powder makeup bright and healthy skin tone
- Micro sized transparent powder is lightly adhered and makes clean and smooth skin texture by forming slight makeup layer

Shade recommendation:
  • N02 Light Beige; lightest shade. Best for NW/NC 15-20
  • W13 Natural Beige; light-medium shade. Best for NW/NC 25-30
  • W24 Honey Beige; medium-medium shade. Best for NW/NC 30-35
  • W15 Sand Beige; the darkest out off all shades, medium-medium tan Best for NW/NC 35-40
Here's my skin using shade w13

Please noted that my skin was not in a good condition that day since I had fever for 2 days and that's why the acne starts showing up -_-

As you might see, it covers up really well. I only applied a very thin layer. You can build it up until you can get full coverage.
Well.. without anything, my face under the sunlight is pale (as you can see from the picture) and it got worse since I was sick (as I mentioned earlier). That's why by using this bb cream, it really covers up my imperfections and gives an even tone. Looks healthier, right?

  • Matte finish
  • Easy to blend
  • Even up my skin tone
  • Great coverage
  • Long last
  • Tube packaging so it's hygienic
  • Good oil- control
  • Doesn't oxidize so it won't change its color through out the day

  • Nothing for me

I really like this bb cream, it has silky towards matte finish. So it is very good for the one who has oily skin. It really control your oiliness, covers up really well, and light weight. However, sometimes I prefer the Bright Fit one. It has slightly dewy finish that I like. Maybe I will do a comparison about Cotton Fit and the Bright Fit one.

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International : W2beauty or Twofacemall

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  1. thanks for sharing the review! seems like a nice BB ^_~

  2. Jadi pingin yg bright fit >< nice review^^

    1. cobain jes. bagus menurutku yang bright fit.

  3. Ketahanann nya sampe berapa lama nell? Kalo dipake siang bolong berminyak nggak ya, walau hasil nya sdh matte..

    1. kalau pake bb nya doang sih cuma tahan 3 atau 4 jam. tapi biasa aku pake powder yang ada oil controlnya lagi, jadi tahan dari pagi sampe sore.

  4. mmm the BB cream loook good on u...sadly i never like BB cream too oily for my skin!

    1. maybe you should try this one since it is made for oily skin.

  5. Replies
    1. it contains fragrance but I think the scent is not that over powered. just normal scent.

  6. I just bought W15 online and I use MAC NC40, hope it matches! Great review :)


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