Saturday, February 22, 2014

BB Cream and CC Cream Swatches Part 1

Well, this time I will share about swatches of my bb cream and cc cream collection.
I love to read reviews of products that I will buy.
Especially when it comes to buying online.
I have to search swatches of the products so that I can order the right shade.
Do you do the same?
So I thought, why not I share my collection of face products swatches?
So here they are.

On this post, there are only 3 type of bb cream and 1 type of cc cream.
And all of them is Korean products ~
2 from Etude House and they are Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit in N02 Light Beige and Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit in w13 Natural Beige.
Both of them has SPF 30 PA ++.
I have reviewed the Cotton Fit one in w13 here.
The other one is from Skinfood and it is Aloe Sun BB Cream #1 Radiant. I also reviewed that a long long time ago here.
It has SPF 20 PA ++.
I remember that this one is the first BB cream that I have tried in my life. Haha.
And I purchased the full size of this on my trip to Korea last year. Read my haul here.
The last is CC Cream from The Face Shop and it is Face It Aura CC Cream in #2 Natural Beige. I reviewed here.
It has SPF 30 PA ++.
bb cream swatches

Thursday, February 20, 2014

2014 Etude House Spring Collection

Hello. Just a quick update.
It seems Etude House would be releasing many new products this year.
And for this spring collection, they already release their newest lip product which is Etude House Color Lips Fit earlier this month.

Oh. Mypa Shop has this Etude House Color Lips Fit ready stock!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Top 5 Favorite Korean Beauty Guru (Youtube)

Hello girls.
Who else love watching makeup tutorial on Youtube? Apparently, I did.
So I want to share my top favorite beauty guru.
Since I love about Korean makeup, I will post about Korean Beauty Guru first.
1. Pony Beauty Diary (
Who doesn't know Pony? She is one of the famous ulzzang and makeup artist from Korea. She is also writing books about makeup tutorial. Her real name is Park Hye Min. I love her makeup tutorial. I also read her blog but I don't understand a single thing because it is written in korean. But what I love from her channel is.. they have english sub even thou she talks in korean.
Her makeup tutorial suits for teenage or people in their 20s. So I really like it.

2. Beautifymeeh (
The second that I like is Angel from beautifymeeh. She is also a Korean who lives in States. I really love watching her videos. The tutorial is easy to understand and the review of makeup products is very clear. I have been her subscriber for years now. She is also has a beauty blog.
Her makeup tutorial suits for teenage or people in their 20-30s.

3. Meejmuse (
She is also a Korean who used to live in Australia. But she recently moved to Korea with her husband. Haha. I always watch her videos. Her channel is not only focusing on Korean products, but also other products as well. But since she moves to Korea, I expect she will do more of Korean products later. She is also very kind. She added me back on G+ when I added her blog. I love her.

4. Sunnydahye (
I love her videos. Her channel is mainly focused on korean beauty. She is also reviewing korean beauty products. She used to live in Indonesia but recently she moved to the States to study. I love watching her makeup tutorial. It is easy to follow and always looks cute.
Her tutorial would suit for the one in their 20s.

5. Jen (
I know she is a korean, but her beauty channel isn't dedicated to only korean beauty products. She lives in the States and she is reviewing many varieties of products. She also has a blog and makes beauty tutorial. Her tutorial is very clear and I somehow love her voice. I mean it is so clear and makes it really great when she filming her videos.

I subscribed to many other beauty gurus. Maybe I will post another 5 or another type of beauty gurus.

Siapa yang suka nontonin makeup tutorial di Youtube?
Aku suka banget nontonin makeup tutorial. Biasanya adekku juga suka ikutan aku nontonin makeup tutorial. Dan sekarang dia jadi subscribe ke beauty guru di Youtube juga deh. Haha.
Trus biasanya kalau aku nonton 1 beauty guru, dia bakal langsung subscribe juga ke beauty guru yang aku tonton.
Nah, makannya nih aku mau share ke kalian beauty guru favorit aku di Youtube.
Siapa tau bisa jadi rekomendasi kalian buat nonton makeup tutorial.
Karena aku suka banget sama Korean makeup, maka post kali ini bakalan tentang 5 korean beauty guru ya.
Mungkin kalo ada kesempatan lain kali aku bakal ngepost tentang beauty guru yang lain.
1. Pony Beauty Diary (
Siapa sih yang ga kenal Pony? Nama aslinya Park Hye Min. Dia terkenal sebagai salah satu ulzzangnya Korea. Trus dia juga makeup artist dan penulis buku tentang makeup. Bukunya udah jadi best seller dimana2 loh. Aku sendiri sih belom punya bukunya. Mungkin siapa tau ada yang mau beliin gitu :p haha. Aku suka banget sama makeup tutorialnya. Gampang diikutin. Dia juga punya blog tapi dalam bahasa Korea yang sama sekali aku ga ngerti. Eits tapi jangan salah walaupun di video Youtube dia ngomong pake bahasa Korea, ada subtitle bahasa Inggrisnya. Jadi gampang dimengerti.
Menurutku, style makeupnya bakal cocok banget sama umur 20an.

2. Beautifymeeh (
Aku juga suka channelnya Angel dari beautifymeeh. Dia juga punya beauty blog. Aku suka banget nonton tutorialnya dia. Product nya ga terbatas sama produk korea aja sih. Tapi dia lumayan sering ngereview produk Korea. Makeup tutorialnya cocok untuk umur 20-30an.

3. Meejmuse (
Nah beauty guru satu ini juga dari Korea. Aku juga suka sama tutorialnya. Dia baru2 ini pindah ke Korea. Jadi penasaran sama video2 dia selanjutnya. Pasti bakalan banyak produk korea yang di review dan di pake.

4. Sunnydahye (
Kalo beauty youtuber yang cocok untuk usia 20an. Dia tadinya tinggal di Indonesia loh. Tapi lagi belajar di States sekarang. Aku suka banget sama makeup tutorialnya. Gampang diikutin dan selalu terlihat cute.

5. Jen (
Nah Jen ini juga korean. Tapi dia ga hanya ngereview tentang korean product aja. Dia selalu ngereview banyak macam produk. Rekomended deh. Aku suka banget liat tutorialnya. Suaranya jelas, gambarnya jelas, trus gampang dimengerti. Dia juga pernah bikin makeup tutorial tentang kpop2 gitu.

Nah, semoga membantu ya jadi referensi beauty guru kalian di Youtube.

See you on my next post.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

[Review] Missha The Style 3D Mascara

Today I want to share my thoughts on Missha The Style 3D Mascara.
It is actually my first time reviewing mascara since I am not using mascara that often. Means that I am not using mascara on my daily basis. I just use it for makeup play or special occasion.

Okay, back to the review. I am not sure if this Mascara is famous or not. I got it when it was on sale, so I thought why not giving it a try.

Here's the packaging looks like:
missha the style mascara

Friday, February 14, 2014

My Giveaway!

Kali ini aku bawa kabar gembira nih.
Aku mau mengadakan giveaway!
Giveaway kecil2an sih, tapi semoga pada ikut ya. ^^
Dalam rangka apa ya? Yah dalam rangka mengganti nama domain blogku deh. Yang tadinya jadi walaupun udah lumayan lama sih digantinya :p
Trus selain itu, semester ini aku lagi mengerjakan skripsi. Doain juga ya semoga skripsinya lancar. Kalau udah selesai dan lancar, aku janji bakal ngadain giveaway lagi ;)

Oiya giveaway ini terbuka untuk yang tinggal di Indonesia saja. Buat yang tinggal diluar, juga boleh ikutan asal ada alamat pengirimaan di Indonesia.


3 masker Innisfree
1 BBW Pocketbac
1 Etude House Ice Cream Nail Polish
1 Trial Set Nature Republic The First Toner & Essence
1 Korean Key Chain
Various sample from Missha, It's Skin, Skin Food dan Innisfree

Akan ada 1 pemenang.
Dan giveaway ini berakhir pada tanggal 17 Maret 2014.

Ikutan disini ya:
Rules yang wajib diikutin:
1. Follow blog aku via GFC
2. Add G+ aku +Nella P
3. Follow instagram @nellanelwan
4. Follow twitter @beautifyiu
5. Leave a comment
Selain itu rulesnya optional. Kalau dilakukan akan menambah poin kamu, jadi semakin besar kemungkinan kamu untuk menang.

Giveaway ini tidak disponsori oleh siapapun :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

[Tutorial] Girls Day Something MV Inspired Makeup

Hello gorgeous.
Today I am going to post makeup tutorial.^^
This time is inspired by Girls Day on their newest MV Something.
I particularly like Minah looks on the MV.
She's so stunning with that eyeliner that really elongate her eyes.
So I will recreate her look.

 girls day minah makeup

girls day minah makeup tutorial

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Month of Love

It is February already..
Valentine day is coming..
Maybe I should write something about my life on this blog.
Since it is valentine, I will post something about the one that I love.
To make it more interesting, I will post my story in 5 W and 1 H style. Haha.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ibuybeauti is looking for 10 Beauty Blogger

Hello girls!
I am sure you know about the trend of korean makeup, right?
That you must know ibuybeauti.
Ibuybeauti is an online shop that sells Korean cosmetics with more than 60+ brands on their shop

By the end of the month, Ibuybeauti will be officially launching a review blog (Beautifan) and their main goal is to help their current and future customers choose which products are perfect for them.

In order to provide reviews for their customers, they are currently looking for 10 beauty bloggers to review some of the products in their shop. Chosen reviewers will get to choose what products they want to try and they must write their honest opinions on the products.
The product review should be posted in their review blog, Beautifan. Beautifan will be divided in certain categories to make navigation easier.

All beauty bloggers can join.
If you are interested just send an email to with the following information:
Blog Address
Skin Type
Best Beauty Review link
Brief self introduction

Application Period:
Feb 3 - Feb 18

Announcement of winners:
Feb 20

Check out to see their wide selection of Korean beauty products.
For more information/inquiries, don't hesitate to contact them at

If you love Korean cosmetics or you just simply want to try it then I think you should join Ibuybeauti's sponsorship program now! :D

Thank you Marxie for spreading this news. You can check her post here.

Oh, another thing about ibuybeauti, they have a YT channel called Get It Beauty. I had been their subscriber for a while now. They talks about korean beauty + english subtitle! How awesome is that.

Wish me luck!
And good luck to you too :)

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

[Review] The Face Shop Face It Aura CC Cream

Hello everyone!
Hello February! Can't imagine we already on our 2nd month of 2014!
Seems like new year just came yesterday!

My holiday is almost over *sad*
It means I may not blog as often as January.
But please bare with it. I will try my best to update my blog.

Okay, today I want to share my thoughts on
The Face Shop Aura CC Cream.
 I hope it is not too late to join the hype of cc cream because it is so last year. Haha.
Cc cream was launched back then in 2013, many korean brands come up with cc cream. CC cream it self stands for various meaning such as color control, color correction, correct and care, etc.
For Etude House, they come with Correct and Care (CC Cream), but The Face Shop come with Color Control.
And now many US Brands and other brands are also come up with CC Cream product.

CC Cream claims to have more skincare ingredients to the product than BB Cream. So that is why the CC Cream may feel lighter when applied than bb cream. Some of the cc cream in fact doesn't has any coverage at all. But CC Cream is still a makeup. So you have to clean it like you applied any makeup.

Here's the Face Shop CC Cream looks like: