Sunday, February 2, 2014

[Review] The Face Shop Face It Aura CC Cream

Hello everyone!
Hello February! Can't imagine we already on our 2nd month of 2014!
Seems like new year just came yesterday!

My holiday is almost over *sad*
It means I may not blog as often as January.
But please bare with it. I will try my best to update my blog.

Okay, today I want to share my thoughts on
The Face Shop Aura CC Cream.
 I hope it is not too late to join the hype of cc cream because it is so last year. Haha.
Cc cream was launched back then in 2013, many korean brands come up with cc cream. CC cream it self stands for various meaning such as color control, color correction, correct and care, etc.
For Etude House, they come with Correct and Care (CC Cream), but The Face Shop come with Color Control.
And now many US Brands and other brands are also come up with CC Cream product.

CC Cream claims to have more skincare ingredients to the product than BB Cream. So that is why the CC Cream may feel lighter when applied than bb cream. Some of the cc cream in fact doesn't has any coverage at all. But CC Cream is still a makeup. So you have to clean it like you applied any makeup.

Here's the Face Shop CC Cream looks like:

 Here's the packaging looks like (inside):
 I know it looks new, because it is new products and it wasn't mine. Mine is used already and the sponge is dirty so I manage to take a new product to show you guys what it looks like inside when you first got it.

Notice that hole on the center? That's the place for the cc cream to come out when you press the pump.

Face It CC Cream is a color- controlling cream that brightens your complexion and keeps your morning makeup intact without any darkening.

With wrinkle care, whitening, sunscreening (triple function cosmetic). It comes with SPF 30PA ++

  • Creates radiant and brighter skin tone
  • Darkening proof formula (12H long lasting)
  • Silver vine complex: skin brightening effect
Directions: Pump 1-2 times to release the formula, after skincare apply evenly onto face on a light tapping motion using the enclosed CC puff.

For ingredients, you can zoom in the photo of the package above.

This cc cream can be refilled. So, when the cc cream does not dispense even after pumping 10-20 times, it means it is empty and replace it with a refill.

How to refill:
1. Press the center of bottom of the container gently with both thumbs
2. Press up the bottom of the container with the hands, separate the released inner container
3. Replace by inserting a new refill container into the outer container
When you first open the sticker, you may have to pump it 10 times so the products will come out.

Let me do a swatch on my hand:

On my face:

I haven't mention earlier that I got in shade 02 Natural Beige. In Korea, it comes out with 2 shade, 01 Light Beige and 02 Natural Beige. But when I visit The Face Shop counter in Indonesia, it is available in 3 shade, 01 Light Beige, 02 Natural Beige, and 03 (I am sorry I forgot the name, but it also ends up with Beige). 03 supposed to be darker than Natural Beige so it will suit well for people who have darker skin tone. But shade 02 is perfectly matches my skin tone really well. Or maybe I should bought the 01 instead.
I bought this for IDR 250.000 in online shop, in Korea it retails for KRW 24.000, in Indonesia it retails for IDR 680.000 (if I am not mistaken, at the official store)

  • Lightweight
  • Long lasting
  • Medium coverage
  • Doesn't break me out
  • Covers up redness
  • Comes with mirror and puff so you can touch up anywhere anytime
  • Creative package
  • Hygienic since the product it self is inside the packaging and you have to pump it out
  • A bit bulky packaging
I have been using this products for the past 3 months and I am in love with this products. It feels lightweight and gives a nice coverage. Although it is not a full coverage, but I am satisfied with it. It covers up my redness really well. And you can also build up the coverage. It is matches my skin tone really well so that I cannot feel the brightening effects on me. Maybe I should try the shade 01 instead. It is also doesn't break me out and gives a nice glow to my skin. I may feel that it is oxidize a bit after I use it for 8 hours or so, but it is not that bad.

The sun light made my face looks flawless :p

Here's recommendation where you can buy it:
Local (Indonesia) : Mypa Shop
International : W2beauty or Twofacemall

Nah, kali ini aku mau mereview tentang cc cream dari The Face Shop yaitu The Face Shop Face It Aura CC Cream. Semoga ga terlalu terlambat ya soalnya kan produk cc cream ngehitsnya udah tahun lalu. Sekarang ini lagi jamannya cc cushion atau bb cushion. Hehe. CC cream sendiri banyak singkatannya, tergantung merek yang mengeluarkannya. Ada yang bilang cc cream itu color control, color correction, correct and care, dll
Nah, trend CC cream ini ga hanya di kalangan produk Korea aja loh. Sekarang banyak brand dari US pun keluar dengan produk cc cream mereka.

Apa sih bedanya CC cream dan BB cream itu? CC cream mempunyai kandungan skincare yang lebih banyak dibanding BB Cream. Oleh karena itu, CC Cream bisa terasa ringan apabila digunakan dibandingkan dengan bb cream. Beberapa cc cream malah tidak memiliki coverage sama sekali. Tapi jangan salah, cc cream ini masih termasuk makeup loh. Jadi jangan lupa membersihkan muka sebelum tidur.

CC cream ini bentuknya lucu. Compact gitu. Jadi cc cream dari the face shop ini bisa diisi ulang. Taunya darimana kalau dia habis? Kalau setelah dipencet 10 atau 20 kali, tidak ada produk yang keluar.

Cara refillnya juga gampang. Tekan bagian tengah produk. Setelah itu refillnya akan lepas dan ganti dengan yang baru. Saat pertama kali ngepump bisa aja produknya ga keluar, harus ditekan berkali2 dulu.

CC Cream punya ku ini shadenya 02 Natural Beige. Di Korea, CC Cream ini ada 2 shade, 01 Light Beige dan 02 Natural Beige. Tapi pas aku main2 ke counter The Face Shop di Indonesia, CC Cream ini tersedia dalam 3 shade, 01 Light Beige, 02 Natural Beige, dan 03 (aku lupa namanya apa. pokoknya ada beige2nya juga). shade 03 lebih gelap dari shade Natural Beige jadi bakal lebih cocok untuk orang yang kulitnya lebih gelap. Shade 02 cocok banget warnanya sama kulit aku. FYI, aku biasa pake shade w13 kalo produk Etude House. Mungkin harusnya aku beli shade 01 aja kali ya.

Aku beli ini harganya IDR 250.000 di online shop, di Korea harganya KRW 24.000, sedangkan di counter resmi di Indonesia IDR 680.000.

Setelah aku pake berbulan2, aku suka banget sama produk ini. Terasa sangat ringan dan ada coveragenya. Walaupun bukan full coverage, tapi dia medium coverage. Udah cukup sih buat aku buat sehari2 pake. Bisa dilihat di foto atas kalau produk ini bisa menutupi redness dari kulit aku. Kalau untuk brightening effect nya sih kurang berasa ya di aku. Mungkin aku harusnya beli shade 01 biar berasa brightening effectnya. Produk ini juga ga bikin berjerawat. Dan hasilnya agak glowy sedikit. Sekian review dari aku. Semoga membantu. :)

Beli dimana?
Local (Indonesia) : Mypa Shop
International : W2beauty or Twofacemall

P.S. Not a sponsored post
See you on my next post :)

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  1. huhuu jadi pingin nyoba tp cc cream dirumah blm abis xD
    thanks for the review^^

  2. Mupeng pingin ikutan beli CC cream.. lucu ya nel, bukan bentuk Tube..

    1. iya. waktu itu tertarik beli karena bentuknya compact. unik, harus di pump gitu. ^^

  3. Butuh info harga dong... Brarti klo yg kulitnya gelap pake shade yg no.3 ya nel?

    1. iya. shade no.3 itu shade yang paling gelap dan kayaknya cuma ada di store di Indonesia, soalnya kalo di Korea cuma ada 2 shade. di store sini harganya sekitar 600ribuan. kalo waktu itu aku beli sekitar 200ribuan di online shop.

  4. hi dear, salam kenal :)
    packagingnya lucu ya..jadi pengen nyobain juga..selama ini baru nyoba punyanya si tonymoly..
    mind to follow each other? ^^

  5. Lucu CC Creamnyaaa, pengen coba juga nih Cc Creamnya. Nice review Nella ^0^

    1. iyaa. ayuk coba. bagus, ada coveragenya. :)

  6. Tadinya udah kepincut sama ini, tp karena harganyaa yang cukup wah buat aku, gajadi beli deh :( Nice review :D Jadi pngen beli lagiii D:

  7. aku baru tau di counter indo harganya segitu.. mahal yaa >_< harga korea aja juga mahal sih hiks
    tapi secara keseluruhan enggak bakal nyesel hihi
    aku juga baru review nih :p

    1. Iyaa. Akupun kaget pas nanya harga ini di counter.

  8. oh amazing packaging. and loved ur flawless face. its a good cc creame

  9. The concept is almost the same as Etude House Any Cushion foundation! The coverage of this product is pretty good too :)

  10. this product looks like perfection and pics on the towel with the funny cow amazing. Great review as usual.

  11. I'm using Etude House one just as Nicole mentioned above. Gotta try out this one soon! :D

  12. it looks like a great compact CC creame i am liking the coverage

  13. haha bulky packaging is good... so much easier to find in your make-up bag :-)

  14. this product looks really great, v flawless looking skin - -giglove

  15. CC creams are hyped for a reason. They are better! :)

  16. aah, face shop face it aura cc cream is on my wish list <3
    tapi harganya mehong bgt ya say, jd belum kebeli-beli nech (>_<) baca post kamu jd makin kepengen beli..

  17. it look like those BB cushion packaging..but i dun reli like CC or BB creme...they always too white for me!!

  18. I've not heard about this brand as of yet but the products does sound promising. Your skin looks every flawless and radiant xxx

  19. made your skin look nice! the pump idea is interesting!

  20. Sounds great! I would love to try this CC Cream.

  21. this was on my wish list! but the shade is way too fair for my skin!

  22. I haven't tried CC creams yet, but this looks like a great product. gig

  23. What a great finished product, you look lovely! Great shots. <3 GIGLove

  24. I haven't tried even one cc cream yet.. I don't really want to.. I have tons of BB creams left to use up :P the packaging is so innovative! The coverage seems so good.. although it looks like it could enhance my dry patches..

  25. I haven't tried even one cc cream yet.. I don't really want to.. I have tons of BB creams left to use up :P the packaging is so innovative! The coverage seems so good.. although it looks like it could enhance my dry patches..

  26. Good review!! Love the packaging, it's cute!! I would love to try one soon!! =D gig

  27. haven;t heard of this brand before, but sounds like it works well for you. looks great. giglove

  28. haven;t heard of this brand before, but sounds like it works well for you. looks great. giglove

  29. I didnt try TFS CC cream since its foundation and powder give me breakouts. Glad it works to you though

  30. I have to agree, your skin does look really, really lovely! <3 GIG

  31. I don't try this one but i'm so interested with it ... I like the photos that you post up there and I was amaze what I see in those photos it is unbelievable to me...I love it :)

  32. Btw harga beli online dan store nya bedddaaaaa jauh.. I prefer use BB Cream than CC..



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