Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Month of Love

It is February already..
Valentine day is coming..
Maybe I should write something about my life on this blog.
Since it is valentine, I will post something about the one that I love.
To make it more interesting, I will post my story in 5 W and 1 H style. Haha.

Who will I talk about?
H, my boyfriend.
P.S. I know he secretly reading my blog
Warning: This post may contain cheesy things and unimportant things of my life.
Well.. I will talk about him though we don't even celebrate valentine days. -_-

How I met him?
He and I are studying in the same faculty, different major but the same batch. So, as a "new student" on that faculty, we have to do several things so that senior would accept us as a part of a faculty family. He and I are on the different group, but one day, our group is joined since his group mates only 2 or 3 that showed up that day. So, that is when I first know his existence. Haha. I rarely pay attention to other people that I didn't know. So I am sorry if I am that ignorant. Haha.

What makes us closer?
One day, He and I are taking the same class. One of my friend jokingly put some written quotes on a paper and give it to me, he said that it was from H. The quotes is " All roads lead to Rome, but only one road to your heart, and that is by my love" *or so. I forgot what the exact quotes* :p haha. And since that my friends assuming that he flirts with me or he likes me or something like that. But that time, I don't bother that. I don't even think about that. Haha. I am sorry. I have said earlier that I am such an ignorant person. Haha.

Where did he confess?
 Surprisingly, he confessed to me in front of my home. That day, we had a date and he drove me home. I remembered that on the way back to my home, it was so awkward since it was the first time we talked face to face and the first time we went out together. Before that, we only texted or "bbm" each other. I have known him in a short time before we went out.

When is our best-memories?
Can I say.. every day? Hahaha.
I think our best-memories until I wrote this post is when I went to Korea with him and his family last year. It was my first time went to Korea. It was his first time too. He and I, both love Korea. He loves Korean girls, I love Bigbang and Korean cosmetics (of course!) haha. So we both excited to go to Korea back then. I hope we can go back there again later :)

Why I love him?
Should I have a reason to love him? Because I don't have any reasons not to love him :p hahahaha

Anyway, thank you for coloring my days for this past 3 years and hopefully my future later. My days would be empty without you. Thank you for always supporting me. Listening to my stories and always cheer me up on my bad days.

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