Sunday, March 30, 2014

[Review] The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex You & Face Blusher #7 Pink Peach

Hello ladies!
Well, today I am going to share a review on blusher.
It is The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex You & Face Blusher in number 7 which is Pink Peach.
I have 4 of the color from this line, but I only have tried one of them.

Here's the packaging looks like:
review the face shop lovely me:ex you & face blusher

Saturday, March 29, 2014

[Collaboration] SNSD Tiffany Casio Baby G Inspired Makeup

Hello gorgeous.
Actually, I made this look as a collaboration makeup with 8 others beauty blogger.
At the end of the due date, the collaboration got cancelled up. :(
But then we decided to post this up with only 7 of us.
Well this month I did 2 makeup collaboration and both of them were inspired by SNSD Makeup Look.This time I recreate SNSD Casio Baby G Kiss Me Makeup.
I get Tiffany look.

snsd casio baby g makeup collaboration

Detail of Tiffany Hwang look:
snsd tiffany for casio baby g look

Friday, March 28, 2014

BB Cream and Concealer Swatches Part 2

Well, this time I will share about swatches of my bb cream and concealer collection again!
Many of you seems enjoy reading this kind of post.
So here is the part 2.
I you haven't read the part 1, you can read here.

On this post, there are only 2 type of bb cream and 2 type of concealer.
And all of them is of course Korean products ~
3 from Etude House and 1 of them is from Missha.
The first one starts from the left is Etude House Precious Mineral BB Dation in W13. As you might know from the previous post, shade W13 or Natural Beige is suits me best. This BB Dation basically is somekind of mix between bb cream and foundation.
The second one is Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in W13. Which is on my recent haul post (here). OMG! I love this thing! It is so lightweight. Review coming soon. It has SPF 50 PA++.
The first concealer (on the third swatch) is Missha Perfect Concealer. This one is in the shade number 2 which is Natural Beige. So far, I love it. Covers up blemishes and stays long.
The second concealer is Etude House Surprise Stick Concealer in number 2 which is also Natural Beige. Well, I have used half of it and I am on between love and hate relationship with this baby.

swatches bb cream and concealer etude house missha

Monday, March 24, 2014

[Q&A] Apa itu sebum?

Kembali lagi di sesi Q&A.
Terakhir kali bikin post Q&A kayaknya udah lama banget :"
Maafkan aku. Hihi. Padahal banyak banget pertanyaan yang muncul dari pembaca blog aku.
Nah ini salah satu pertanyaan yang paling banyak ditanyakan.
Apa sih sebum itu?
Disclaimer nih ya, aku bukan dokter, jadi aku menjawab pertanyaan ini sesuai dengan pengetahuanku aja ya. Aku juga bukan ahli kulit, dsb. Cuma mau share aja. Buat yang mau koreksi, boleh. Mau nambahin juga boleh :)

apa itu sebum

Sunday, March 23, 2014

[Review] Masami Shouko Concealer Brush #303

Hello girls.
Today I want to share my thoughts on one of Masami Shouko Brushes.
And it's their Concealer Brush in number 303.
I have had this for over a year now and it still works great.

Here's this baby looks like:
masami shouko concealer brush review

Saturday, March 22, 2014

EOTD Collection

Hello guys.
Today I want to share my eotd for the past months.
I have been learning to apply eyeshadow, blending, etc.
I know it is not that good yet, but I still trying to.
Practice makes perfect, doesn't it?

Products used:
Sleek I-Divine Snapshot Palette
Missha The Style 3D Mascara
Caring Colors Eye Liner

Products used:
Sleek I-Divine Snapshot Palette
Missha The Style 3D Mascara
Caring Colors Eye Liner


Products used:
Sleek I-Divine Snapshot Palette
Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner
I am not using mascara :p

 Products used:
Sleek I-Divine Snapshot Palette
Missha The Style 3D Mascara
Tony Moly Backstage Eye Liner

Products used:
Sleek I-Divine Snapshot Palette
Missha The Style 3D Mascara
Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner

Products used:
Sleek I-Divine Snapshot Palette
MUA Undressed Palette
Missha The Style 3D Mascara
Caring Colors Eye Liner
D'Eyeko Princess Syahrini False Eyelashes in Cendrawasih

I am still learning how to put false lashes :p help mee T.T

Di post kali ini aku mau share beberapa eotd alias eyes of the day.
Ceritanya aku masih pemula banget nih belajar eye makeup. Masih cupu2 gitu deh.
Masih harus belajar banyak. Dan ya cuma baru bisa 1 teknik ini doang :"
Bener2 masih belajar blending, dll.
Ini beberapa makeup mata yang aku buat.
Daripada mubazir kan, mending dipajang aja di blog. Siapa tau ada yang mau ngajarin aku makeup gitu ya
Atau mau saran2 juga boleh banget.

Enjoy ~

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit in W13 Natural Beige

Hello gorgeous.
Today I want to share my thoughts on another bb cream from Etude House.
This time is their famous Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit.
I got mine in shade w13 which is Natural Beige.

Let's take a look on the packaging:
review etude house precious mineral bb cream bright fit

Friday, March 14, 2014

My Trip to South Korea : Namsan Tower

Hello gorgeous.
Do you like to watch running man?
In case you didn't know what is running man, it is a Korean variety show.
The recent running man was filmed in Namsan Tower.
Yup, it's on episode 186 which CN Blue came as the guest.

After watching that episode, I missed Korea so much. I missed Namsan Tower. Hehe.
I have uploaded the video of my 1st day in Korea here.
And since I remebered that there are several videos about Namsan Tower in my laptop, so I made another video.
This time is about Namsan Tower itself.

From Namsan Tower, you can see beautiful view of Seoul City.
Especially on the night, you can see beautiful scenery with Seoul City light.
You can watch it here.
Enjoy ~

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

[Collaboration] SNSD Hyoyeon MRMR Inspired Makeup

Hello girls!
Today I am going to share my look that inspired from SNSD Hyoyeon on their newest MV Mr. Mr.
Actually I am collaborating with other 8 beautiful girls to recreate the entire SNSD look.
As I mentioned above, I get Hyoyeon look.
And here's her photo that I recreate.

Isn't she gorgeous?
I know I am nothing compared to her. So don't compare me with her :p just look at the makeup. hehe.
I think the key point of her look is her eyes.
It's kinda brown smokey eyes with a hint of pink. Don't you think so?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Collective Haul and Quick Review

Welcome March. It is 3rd month already.
And I have to finish my thesis in June~ omoo
Today I want to share my newest addition to my makeup and skincare collection.
It is a collective haul tho~

Here they are:
beauty haul 2014

1. ELF Kabuki Face Brush
Quick review: It's so soft. I love to use it to apply my powder.

2. Ultraflesh Shine Box from StrawberryNet. Review here.

3. Etude House Collagen Moistfull Skin Care Kit bought it from Mypa Shop
Quick review: I only have used the eye cream. So far, I love it. Makes my under eyes feels super smooth and hydrated.Well.. I bought this kit only because I want to try the eye cream. :D

4. The Face Shop Lovely Me:ex Lip Gloss
Quick review: very glittery and I am not a fan of glittery/ glossy lip products

5. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk get it from Mypa Shop
Quick review: I love to use it as a base of my eyeshadow. It helps brighten up my eyes, makes the eyeshadow color more vibrant and stays longer.

6. Nature Republic Aloe 92% Soothing Gel
Haven't used it.

7. Etude House XOXO Minnie Cushion Case bought it from Mypa Shop
8. Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion Refill in w13 get it from Mypa Shop
Quick review: Omo. I love this thing! At first, I didn't have any intention to try any cushion. But now I regret it. I should have tried it faster. I love it! It is very light weight.

9. Sleek I-Divine Snapshots Palette bought it from Luxola
Quick review: I love love this palette so much. Very pigmented. Stay all day. The colors are gorgeous. And I can't stop to create different eye look using this palette. I have uploaded few of it on my instagram @nellanelwan. Would love to try other sleek palette

Well, see you on my next post.
Good luck.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

My Trip to South Korea : Day 1

This is super random post. Haha.
Well, last year, I went to South Korea for holiday.
Actually I want to make a post about it. I have made a post about my haul, but not my actual holiday like places I visit, etc. But.. because of my laziness, that post is never up on my blog.
That's when I figure out why not I am making a video out of my photos rather that put all photos on my blog.
So I made this video.
Hopefully you can see my whole trip by watching that video.
This is my day 1 in South Korea.

I arrived in Seoul on the morning, around 8-ish. My flight was at 10p.m the night before.
I went there in January, and it was still winter.
When I got to Incheon airport, I actually didn't feel the freeze. It was like only in a normal Aircon room inside the Incheon Airport. But when I tried to go out to feel the breeze, it was like I could feel the coldness went inside my body through my ear literally. It was freezing!
So, we took a bus to go to the hotel.
Luckily, my hotel is near the bus stop, so it is easy to get there.
I stay in PJ Hotel which is located in Inhyun-dong 2ga, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

Then we went eat and went to Namsan Seoul Tower.
Btw, Namsan Seoul Tower is super close to my hotel! I could see it clearly from my hotel window. hehe.
Since Namsan Seoul Tower located on a hill, we went up by taxi then by Namsan Cable Car.
You could see the beautiful view of Namsan Seoul Tower through my video.

Then we went down, and we tried to find taxi, but all the taxi driver gave super expensive rate just to went down to Myeongdong! It was almost 10times more expensive! I couldn't believe it but it was what happened there. We went up for only 2,000KRW and went down for 20,000 KRW!
Well, I thought you should know this so that you will not get tricked by the taxi driver.

P.S. Here's a tip when you want to go to Namsan Seoul Tower. You can go with Seoul City Tour Bus. The bus will drive you around Seoul. And you can go up and go down from wherever the bus stop that has the Seoul City Tour Bus rute. It was more easy that way. We found out about it the next day :p haha
When I went there, I didn't go with tour or friend that know Korea well. So we just went there by our self with the help of Google maps! Haha.

So, that's my story about my first day in Korea.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge February 2014

Today I want to try to join IBB Make Up Challenge.
The theme is Summer Fairytale.
And this month IBB is collaborating with Etude House! My fave makeup brand.
So why not I try to join. Hope I can win this ;)

If I hear the word of summer and fairy, what I draw on my mind is colorful, pretty, flawless, rainbow, flower, beach! haha.
So, in this look I want to achieve colorful flawless look.
I hope I am good enough :p

Here's the look that I go for:
IBB Make Up Challenge February 2014

summer fairytale makeup play