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My Trip to South Korea : Day 1

This is super random post. Haha.
Well, last year, I went to South Korea for holiday.
Actually I want to make a post about it. I have made a post about my haul, but not my actual holiday like places I visit, etc. But.. because of my laziness, that post is never up on my blog.
That's when I figure out why not I am making a video out of my photos rather that put all photos on my blog.
So I made this video.
Hopefully you can see my whole trip by watching that video.
This is my day 1 in South Korea.

I arrived in Seoul on the morning, around 8-ish. My flight was at 10p.m the night before.
I went there in January, and it was still winter.
When I got to Incheon airport, I actually didn't feel the freeze. It was like only in a normal Aircon room inside the Incheon Airport. But when I tried to go out to feel the breeze, it was like I could feel the coldness went inside my body through my ear literally. It was freezing!
So, we took a bus to go to the hotel.
Luckily, my hotel is near the bus stop, so it is easy to get there.
I stay in PJ Hotel which is located in Inhyun-dong 2ga, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea.

Then we went eat and went to Namsan Seoul Tower.
Btw, Namsan Seoul Tower is super close to my hotel! I could see it clearly from my hotel window. hehe.
Since Namsan Seoul Tower located on a hill, we went up by taxi then by Namsan Cable Car.
You could see the beautiful view of Namsan Seoul Tower through my video.

Then we went down, and we tried to find taxi, but all the taxi driver gave super expensive rate just to went down to Myeongdong! It was almost 10times more expensive! I couldn't believe it but it was what happened there. We went up for only 2,000KRW and went down for 20,000 KRW!
Well, I thought you should know this so that you will not get tricked by the taxi driver.

P.S. Here's a tip when you want to go to Namsan Seoul Tower. You can go with Seoul City Tour Bus. The bus will drive you around Seoul. And you can go up and go down from wherever the bus stop that has the Seoul City Tour Bus rute. It was more easy that way. We found out about it the next day :p haha
When I went there, I didn't go with tour or friend that know Korea well. So we just went there by our self with the help of Google maps! Haha.

So, that's my story about my first day in Korea.

Post kali ini super random banget. Kali ini bukan tentang beauty review. Tapi tentang liburan aku ke Korea..tahun lalu. Haha. Telat banget ga sih baru ngepost sekarang?!
Sebenernya udah mau ngepost dari kemaren2. Dari taun lalu bahkan! Tapi malesnya itu loh :"
Trus fotonya kan banyak banget, jadi males pilihin 1-1 buat taruh di blog. Akhirnya ketunda2 terus. Haha.

Akhirnya ada ide, kenapa ga bikin video aja. Dan jadilah video iniii.. Ditonton yak ;)
Jadi di video ini bakal ceritain dari foto2 aku pas hari pertama di Korea Selatan.

Jadi aku sampe Korea itu pagi hari, sekitar jam 8. Flight dari Jakarta itu malem sekitar jam 10.
Karena aku pergi kesana bulan Januari, jadinya masih musim dingin.
Udah takut sih bakalan dingin banget. Jadinya bawa baju tebel2. Dan koper jadi penuh cuma gara2 baju tebel itu!
Pertama mendarat di Incheon. Cuma ngerasa dingin2 kayak di ruangan AC doang. Pas nyoba keluar tanpa pake Jaket, dinggiiiinnn banget. Bener2 dingin. Aku bener2 ngerasain rasanya dingin itu masuk ke telinga.

Oiya, hotel tempat aku nginep namanya PJ Hotel letaknya di Inhyun-dong 2ga, Jung-gu, Myeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea.
Nah karena aku ke Korea ga pake tour, disana pun ga ada kenalan. Jadinya ke hotel dari Incheon Airport, naik bus.
Untung PJ Hotel ini deket sama tempat pemberhentian bus/ halte.

Lalu check in, makan, trus pergi ke Namsan Seoul Tower.
Namsan Seoul Tower ini cukup deket sama hotel tempat aku nginep. Bahkan aku bisa lihat Towernya dengan jelas dari balkon hotel aku.
Nah karena Namsan Seoul Tower ini tempatnya kayak di bukit gitu, aku kesana naik taksi dari hotel. Trus ke puncaknya naik Namsan Cable Car.
Pokoknya tonton aja videonya ya :p

Trus waktu itu kita mau turun kan balik ke hotel, ceritanya mau naik taksi lagi, eh ternyata semua taksinya itu pada mahal kalau buat turun dari Namsan Tower. Semuanya gitu! Mahalnya parah banget lagi. Aku naik ke atas itu KRW 2,000, turunnya supir taksinya minta KRW 20,000! Hampir 10x nya!

Oiya, sedikit tips nih bagi yang mau ke Namsan Tower, lebih baik ke sana naik Seoul City Tour Bus aja. Jadi di seoul dia punya city bus gitu. Bayarnya pas pertama kali naik, dia bakal bawa kalian keliling2 kota Seoul. Ada tour guidenya juga. Enak deh pokoknya. Bisa turun dimana aja, trus naik dimana aja. Nah dia ada yang rutenya ke Namsan Seoul Tower. Mending naik itu aja. Lebih murah daripada naik taksi buat turun :"

Kalau kalian kesana pake tour atau ada kenalan orang korea yang punya mobil sih mungkin tips ini ga guna. Tapi siapa tau berguna buat yang kesana ga pake tour kayak aku. Jadi kita disana cuma bener2 ngandelin Google Maps! Haha.

Pengen tau cerita hari kedua? Stay tune di blog aku ya ~
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  1. aduhh ceritanya serruu bangeett!!
    jadi bener-bener pingin ke korea cuma
    rate rupiahh hari ini ancur banget > <

    1. iyaa. sekarang dollar lagi naik. won juga naik T.T

  2. I have yet to visit Korea, but I'd love to some day! I think I'd raid so many beauty products, haha.

  3. oh myyyy! The love lock at Namsan Tower <3 Wish to be there one day :D

  4. Wow! That tower! I wish to be there someday with my boyfriend. :D Enjoy your stay!

  5. I LOVE travel posts, thank you so much for sharing. I want to visit, and will remember all your tips incase I ever do :)

  6. Not a country I've thought about visiting. Sounds really interesting. I always look to see what tours are available when I visit somewhere new, it cuts out the hard work! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I wish I can make a visit in korea one of these days too.

  8. nice video.. how i wish to visit korea soon! =)

    - from gig

  9. An awesome holiday destination! Keep travellin' ! * giglove*

  10. South Korea looks amazing! Loved the pictures!!!
    I would love to go one day ... hopefully with a friend that can play tourist guide! hahaha


  11. I want to fly to Korea too -- for beauty shopping! And I really love Korean food, so I think it's definitely one of those international trips that I will definitely save up for!

  12. Thanks for the short virtual trip to South Korea. It looks like you had fun. gig

  13. Thanks for the short virtual trip to South Korea. It looks like you had fun. gig

  14. Sounds like a wonderful trip - I loved to hear about your adventures! <3 GIGLove

  15. omg Nella, I'm so jelly! I want to go to Korea, that's in my bucket list hehe. Mainly because I'm a big fan, have fallen head over heels with their culture, Kdrama / Kpop fanatic, their food I can't get enough of and of course Korean beauty products!

    xx Donah

  16. Oh, so cool! I would love to visit Korea one day. Boyfriend is a Korean and he's been bugging me to visit his country. :)

  17. Oh, nice! I would love to go to Korea soon. Boyfriend is a Korean and has been bugging me to visit his country.

  18. aww looks like u had a great time - uve made me want to visit now -

  19. Oh gosh, that looks amazing ! I so want to go korea now !!! Super jealous of you.. :D

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  22. I've always always always wanted to visit Korea. It's such a beautiful place.. you seem to have had a lovely time. :)

  23. Such wonderful photos! You look lovely.. The place looks wonderful too.. specially that snow bordered stairway place..

  24. I like your idea of a video instead of pictures... different

  25. Oh god!!! Its's absolutely amazing <3 I so want to go to Korea now :-D

  26. hate when taxi drivers are like that! but i want to still go to korea now

  27. aww looks like you had a great time there! Been wanting to go to Korea for a while now =)


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