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[Review] The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex You & Face Blusher #7 Pink Peach

Hello ladies!
Well, today I am going to share a review on blusher.
It is The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex You & Face Blusher in number 7 which is Pink Peach.
I have 4 of the color from this line, but I only have tried one of them.

Here's the packaging looks like:
review the face shop lovely me:ex you & face blusher

review korean products blusher

When you open it:
the face shop blusher pink peach review

Color available:
the face shop blusher swatches

Time to swatch!
blusher the face shop bagus ga

review tfs blusher lovely me:Ex swatches

review the face shop blusher indonesian beauty blogger

review the face shop blusher nellanelwan

Isn't that pretty baby pink-peach?

  • Pretty colors
  • Cheap
  • Travel friendly
  • Stays long
  • Natural finish
  • Not that pigmented
  • Doesn't come with mirror/ brush
Yes it may look powdery, but when applied, you still can work with it and the color still can came out nicely. It is easy to blend and have a natural color, so it is easy to use especially for beginners. For price wise, it is very good. I am in love with this blush.

I used it on my recent tutorial. I don't know whether if it can show up well on camera or not.
See you on my next post.
Have a great day!

Halo semuanya!
Di post kali ini aku mau ngereview blusher.
Kali ini adalah dari The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex You & Face Blusher nomor 7 yaitu Pink Peach.

  • Warna nya tjakep
  • Termasuk ga mahal
  • Bentuknya kecil, jadi gampang dimasukin ke makeup pouch
  • Lumayan tahan lama padahal kulitku termasuk oily
  • Warnanya kelihatan natural, ga berlebihan
  • Pigmentednya ga waahh banget gitu. Biasa aja.
  • Di tempatnya ga ada cermin ataupun brushnya.
Mungkin dari swatch diatas emang kelihatan agak powdery ya. Tapi kalo di aplikasiin ga begitu powdery kok. Masih kelihatan natural dan menurutku sih bagus2 aja. Gampang juga di blend nya. Trus warnanya juga natural banget cocok dipake buat sehari- hari. Dari segi harga sih, ya worth it sih. Overall aku suka sama blush ini.

Oiya, aku pake blush ini di tutorial terbaru aku. Kayaknya sih kurang keliatan ya kalo di foto.

review the face shop lovely me:ex you &face blusher pink peach

Oke, sekian dulu ya reviewnya.
Selamat berakhir pekan.

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  1. Not a very big fan of the face shop makeup because their shades are.too light for me! But thats cute on you :)

  2. Blusher is my desert island piece, definitely really important. Fuzzy Peach or Orange Syrup are the shades I would go for.

  3. The packaging is cute. Too bad it's not that pigmented.

  4. This is such a nice summer color. It also seems like there's a hint of highlight too :)

  5. it doesnt appear on the photos, but the swatches does show how pink it is! I should go and check this out soon!

  6. The packaging is cute! The blush looks nice on your face, good job. :)

  7. awww,. so sad without the brush and mirror.. i think sometimes it is essential to have those tools in buying a blush.. hehe

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  8. This is such a lovely shade. The packaging is fun. :)

  9. the color is so bright and natural. I love the shade an it fits you great.

  10. ermm the colour seem very light but it look sweet on you!

  11. the face shop blusher. The color is quite light and not striking enough. I perfect bright color
    Gig Love

  12. What a mellow, lovely color - Such a romantic hue! <3 GIGLove

  13. After I hauled a lot of products from TFS which almost all made me break out, I steered clear from this Korean brand. Still, what may not work for me may still work for others. Nice that you like their blusher though

  14. Looks really nice on you but I'm too dark for that

  15. It really looks chalky and powdery but the color itself is super pretty! :D Too light for me but perfect on your skin tone.

    GIG love <3

  16. I've never tried this brand before. Wish the product was a little more pigmented. However, I'm loving the packaging it came in. gig

  17. The packaging is so cute but I think the colour is too light for me :)

  18. I've seen this for a long time now but I never bothered picking it up. I think because I feared the shade would be too light for my fair skin. Maybe if it goes on sale I'll try it out!


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