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[Review] Freshkon Dezigner Aqua Solitaire

Hello beauties!
Today I am back with another review post.
This time I am going to talk about softlens.
It is Freshkon Dezigner.

The motto: "My Design, My Signature!"

Here's the packaging looks like.

I got mine in Aqua Solitaire which is a blue color.

The new Dezigner range from FreshKon cosmetic contact lenses offers you an exciting opportunities to redesign your eyes.

Solitaire series is conceptualized to frame the iris in a multi-faceted diamond cut, designed to shine!

Don't worry. All softlens by Freshkon had been approved by HSA Regulation. Which means it is guaranteed safe for your eyes.

Available colors to choose:

Bring out the angelic princess personality with Pink Solitaire.
Look warm and inviting with Orange Solitaire.
Get a burst of sexy freshness with Aqua Solitaire
Turn into a gorgeous babe with Green Solitaire. (but I guess green isn't available in Indonesia since in its brochure there were only 3 colors.

Detail look:

With artificial light:

On natural- lamp light:

  • Very Comfortable to use
  • Very thin so it feels like I didn't use any contact lenses
  • Didn't dry out my eyes
  • Comes with blister packaging, which is better than bottle packaging since people can reuse that bottle packaging
  • The color blends nice into your original eye color
  • Doesn't come with softlens cases
  • This beautiful baby can be used only for 1 month :( 
  • On the pricier side, but don't worry, many optics in Indonesia has a great deal for purchasing this softlens
Too see if there's any enlargement effect:

Overall I really love this softlens. Thou it doesn't give that many enlargement, but I guess it makes your eyes more naturally attractive. The softlens itself is so thin and comfortable. And since it didn't dry out my eyes maybe because it contains 55% water level.

Last but not least, selca~

See? It looks really natural right? Looks more like a grey than blue.

In the darker room:

So, that's it?
What is your favorite contact lenses?
Hope my review helps you.
See you on my next post.
Have a great day!

Kali ini aku mau mereview softlens yang aku dapatkan sebagai hadiah giveaway dari Freshkon Indonesia.
Yaitu Freshkon Dezigner.

Slogan untuk seri ini: "My Design, My Signature!"

Bisa dilihat diatas bagaimana packaging dan keseluruhan dari Freshkon Dezigner ini.
Dan jangan salah. Freshkon ini bukan softlens abal2. Hati2 ya girls kalo pake softlens yang mereknya ga jelas. Bahaya buat mata kalian.
Freshkon udah mengikuti aturan HSA dan keamanan untuk mata kalian udah pasti banget terjamin.
Tapi ada baiknya bagi kalian pemula, yang belum pernah pake softlens sama sekali, konsultasi dulu ya ke ahli mata supaya ga salah dan tau tips triknya memakai softlens.

Kalau dari deskripsi produknya:
Pink Solitaire: untuk tampil bagai putri
Orange Solitaire: untuk tampil hangat dan menggoda
Aqua Solitaire: untuk tampil seksi
Green Solitaire: untuk tampil cantik

  • Softlensnya sendiri sangat tipis dan lembu
  • Nyaman dipake
  • Ga bikin mata kering
  • Packagingnya dari blister, dan hal ini bagus daripada packaging dalam bentuk botol karena packaging bentuk botol kebersihannya bisa diragukan karena botol bisa dipake ulang
  • Warnanya cantik banget dan natural, nyatu deh sama warna mata aslinya
  • Ga dapat tempat softlensnya jadi bagi yang gapunya, harus beli lagi
  • Cuma bisa dipake 1 bulan :(
  • Memang agak mahal dan jangan takut Freshkon sering ngadain promo kok di optik2
Secara keseluruhan sih aku suka banget sama Freshkon Dezigner ini. Walaupun ga memberikan efek memperbesar mata, tapi aku suka. Dia bener2 bikin mata bagus dan lebih atraktif tapi secara natural. Trus softlens ini juga tipis dan nyaman banget dipakenya. Mungkin karena dia mengandung 55% air di softlensnya jadi ga bikin mata cepet kering.

Sekian dulu review dari aku.
Semoga membantu.
Sampai jumpa di post selanjutnya.
Jangan lupa follow blog aku ya :)

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  1. lho lho kok cuma satu bulan ?? biasanya 6bulan O.o


    1. iya. ini monthly lenses. jadi cuma tahan 1 bulan aja.

  2. Cuma satu bulan yahh... Sayang banget padahal warnanya cantik banget.,
    Kindly to visit my blog?

    1. iyaaa. makannya cantik2 gini, tapi sayang banget cuma tahan 1 bulan :(

  3. I'm a bit fan of Freskhon. But I only wear Alluring eyes. Will try this maybe?!

  4. Wow the effect of these lenses looks great. I was a little skeptical about the pattern and colouring, but it works so well. You look lovely <3 GIG

  5. The design is really cool! But a little bit too unnatural for my liking. Would look great with heavy make-up I think. (:
    gig love <3

  6. i've tried freshkon before, not this range though. but i thought they were too pricey and not comfortable enough.
    i'm now using geo lens, been through a couple pairs now. love them!

  7. I think you look great. I can;t believe how effective they are, even for very dark eyes. I may even try them myself, either aqua or green.

  8. So fun! I really want to try colored lenses, you look great! <3 GIGLove

  9. i used to wear contact lenses before but i got to lazy to put in on my eyes.. hehehe yours is so nice! looks good on you

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  10. it look unique but i feel weird...maybe I am not so adventurous for lens....

  11. I use Freshkon contact lens. it really comfortable to use
    gig love

  12. ohh your eyes look a little scary lol! love the grey, but its too daring for me =)

  13. What beautiful lenses, I've worn blue ones before but I'm always scared getting them back out so no longer wear them. I could only have mine for a month too.

  14. Great review.. It looks like an awesome contact lenses..

  15. The pink solitaire looks pretty even though I don't wear contact lenses heh. Looks good on you babe!

  16. wow, they looks natural! I tryed colored contacted lenses when I was youger!
    gig love
    Travel and Fashion Tips

  17. I like the design and color. It's subtle, but still stands out somehow. Cute!

  18. i like this shade! i wouldnt mind trying the pink one

  19. Those lens look really nice. I love the design.

  20. i wish I could use these products, but I have very sensitive eyes and It's impossible. You look beautiful.

  21. Love them! Such a cool look!
    I wish I was brave to stick something into my eye

  22. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you :) Im not brave enough to put on such color contacts but you nailed it girl xx

  23. Wow. It can really make a difference. It looks good on you. :) giglove


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