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[Review] Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Snapshots Palette

Hello gorgeous.
This time I want to share my thoughts on my current favorite palette.
It is i-Divine Snapshots Palette from Sleek MakeUp.

Here's the packaging looks like:


Each of the shade has its own name.

The first row:
Summer breeze - Martini - Kiwi Flower - Lotus Flower - HummingBrid - Tequila Sunrise
Bottom row:
Sand Walker - Washed Ashore - Sunset - Green Iguana - Purple Haze - Magenta Madness

Close up look:

The first row:
Summer breeze - Martin
Bottom row:
Sand Walker - Washed Ashore

The first row:
Kiwi Flower - Lotus Flower
Bottom row:
Sunset - Green Iguana

The first row:
HummingBrid - Tequila Sunrise
Bottom row:
Purple Haze - Magenta Madness
Time for swatches!

Magenta Madness

Purple Haze

Green Iguana


Washed Ashore

Sand Walker

Tequila Sunrise

Lotus Flower

Kiwi Flower


Summer breeze

Full swatches tanpa primer:

Full swatches with primer

As you can see, I love how pigmented and colorful they are.
I know it is not such an every day color to use for.
But I don't know, I am happy with that variety of color.
And in my opinion, all colors are wearable.

Summer breeze: is a matte baby blue color
Martini is a shimmering broken white color. I love to use it as highlight color or use it on the lower eyes
Kiwi Flower is a shimmering light green. Great to give like a pop of color
Lotus Flower is a shimmering light purple
HummingBrid is a shimmering turqoise kinda green and blue color. It has gold reflection on it.
Tequila Sunrise is a shimmering orange color
Sand Walker is a matte light brown color
Washed Ashore is matte orange-brown color
Sunset is red/ brown burgundy color and it is shimmering
Green Iguana is shimmering green- blue color.
Purple Haze is a matte purple
Magenta Madness is a matte pink

  •  Very pigmented even without primer
  •  Great quality
  •  Not that expensive
  •  Long lasting even without primer
  •  The black case is easy to get dirty
Overall, I am so much in love with this palette. I always use it to experiment with colors. Since I got this palette, I am more excited to learn about eye makeup. Would I purchase another Sleek Palette? OF COURSE! Great quality. Great pigmentation. Great price.

Where I bought this? At Luxola.

Have a nice day.


Using this Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Snapshots Palette to do eyemakeup for February IBB's Makeup Challenge. 

Softlens from:

Hallo! Kali ini aku mau nebar2 racun palette nih.
Palette yang aku suka banget sejak pertama aku beli.
Yaitu.. Sleek i-Divine Snapshots Palette.

Bisa dilihat dari swatch nya diatas kalau eyeshadow nya tuh bener2 pigmented banget dan warnanya oke2.
Mungkin kalau warna cerah gitu bukan warna yang pas buat dipake sehari- hari ya.
Tapi mau gimana lagi, aku suka banget sama kombinasi warna cerahnya.
Dan menurut aku, semua warnanya bisa dipake kok.

Summer breeze: warnanya termasuk matte, bisa dilihat warnanya baby blue gitu
Martini termasuk eyeshadow yang shimmer. Glitternya ga gede2 gitu kok. Shimmernya oke banget kecil2. Dan warnanya broken white gitu. Aku suka banget pake ini buat highlight sudut mata. Bener2 bikin mata cerah.
Kiwi Flower termasuk warna yang bershimmer juga. Dan warnanya termasuk yang workable kok. Bagus buat dipake di sudut mata juga.
Lotus Flower termasuk warna yang bershimmer.
HummingBrid termasuk warna yang bershimmer. Warnanya cantik banget. Dia bisa kayak bunglon gitu kalo kena cahaya. Kalo dilihat sekilas warnanya hijau biru gitu. Tapi kalo kena cahaya kayak agak berubah jadi ada goldnya gitu.
Tequila Sunrise termasuk warna yang bershimmer
Sand Walker termasuk warna yang matte. Cocok dipake buat sehari2.
Washed Ashore termasuk warna yang matte. Kalo di aku jatuhnya kayak orange kecoklat2an gitu.
Sunset termasuk warna yang bershimmer. Cantik banget buat di outer V
Green Iguana termasuk warna yang bershimmer
Purple Haze termasuk warna yang matte. Warnanya ngepop banget.
Magenta Madness termasuk warna yang matte juga. Pinknya ga gitu terang tapi ga gitu gelap. Asik buat eksperimen.

  •  Pigmented banget bahkan kalau ga pake primer juga oke
  •  Kualitasnya oke bingits
  •  Ga terlalu mahal sih untuk seukuran eyeshadow oke kayak gini
  •  Tahan lama banget. Kalo pake primer bener2 bisa seharian loh. Aku pernah udah sampe kena air, mandi gitu tetep masih ada eyeshadownya. Ga pake primer pun juga oke.
  •  Tempatnya karena warnanya hitam matte gitu, gampang kotor hihi
Pokoknya aku suka banget deh sama palette ini. Harus berapa kali ya aku bilang suka bangetnya. Haha. Sejak pertama aku swatch warna2nya, aku jadi rajin eksperimen berbagai macam eyelook. Soalnya suka banget make ini palette. Kalau ditanya bakal beli lagi ga? Pasti banget. Mau beli edisi yang lain.

Dimana aku belinya? Di Luxola.

Semoga reviewku ini membantu dan meracuni kalian ya. hihi.
Sampai jumpa!

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  1. Aku punya yg shimmering :) hahha

  2. Sleek ini pigmented banget emang. Aku punya yang warna warni tapi matte. Suka...

    Aku baru saja memfollow blogmu... Lets be friends...
    Main-main ke blog aku ya. Baru posting soal The Roaring 20's, era dimulainya makeup. :)


  3. Aku punya yang The Original sama Oh So Special Nel. Lihat reviewmu jadi pengen cobain yang snapshots juga hahaha. Bagus juga warnanya :D

    Barusan aku review yang The Original, siapa tahu kamu juga keracun sama punyaku wkwkwkw

    Nice review Nel ^_^

    1. aku udah bacaaaaa :" mau sleek versi semuanya. bagus2 warnanya *tutup mata*

  4. The iDivine palettes are really great! pigmented and long lasting, i dont even use a primer when using them

  5. What beautiful shades in the palette! I've always been a massive fan of Sleek make-up. I can imagine the case being covered in finger prints after just one use!
    I love your eyes.
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  6. This palette has a nice range of color for an added pop! I've always wanted to try Sleek because I've read amazing review about them. I still have to get my hands on one though :/

  7. what a lovely palette it is! i hope to have my very own soon :)

    - from gig

  8. I really like the pale blue shade... I am crazy about blue one this spring ;-)

  9. Oohhh Sleek! My favourite brand ever! I love their eyeshadows, but this one is wayyy to bright for me! Love their Au Naturel Palette the best!

  10. sleek packaging is attractive, the red and orange color is really waww.i love both color
    Gig love

  11. Lovely colors! You look very pretty dear. Good job on the makeup. :)

  12. super love yg warna green iguana ,warnanya cakeepp
    eotd nya keren2 kak
    salam kenal

  13. i love sleek eyeshadow palettes but i dont wear much colour

  14. I love how pigmented these are. Love Humming bird and Purple Haze, I'd wear them together.

  15. wow the makeup you've created is simply stunning and perfect with your color eyes. You look lovely!

  16. Love the packaging. It's so sleek and classy. The shades are lovely. My favourite would Tequila Sunrise.. the name couldn't get any better haha! <3

  17. I think I need to buy a sleek palette soon! And maybe this one! Most of my eyeshadows are in nude color, and this one will surely make my eyes pop!

  18. Wow sounds promising! Long lasting and pigmented? I shall try it out soon :D

  19. I've been wanting a Sleep palette for a long time now! I usually wear neutrals everyday, but the colors of this are too cute <3

  20. The palette looks really nice. It contains so many amazing shades.

  21. these look like really good products and a nice range of colours

  22. Sleek is definitely my favourite palette ! But this palette is not my favourite because the colors are too vibrant, i prefer nude and down to earth color... anyway great review ! :)


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