Friday, May 30, 2014

Clio Peripera Newest Collection 2014 ft Disney Frozen | [페리페라] <겨울왕국 한정판>

Hello guys.
I know I have not updated my blog in a while.
But today, I want to update my blog because I am too excited since I found out Clio Peripera has released they newest collection featuring Disney Frozen!
Do you like Anna's Look? Or Elsa's?
Yes, let us take a look at the entire collection:

1. Frozen Pact

[페리페라] <겨울왕국 한정판> 백부심 뽀얀 팩트

피지는 잡고 피부톤은 눈사람처럼 뽀얗게 톤업! 모공Zero 블러팩트

Has 2 different colors. Claims to be able to cover pores and has great oil control.
Price 16.000 KRW or approx 16 USD

2. Wholly Deep Liner Kit

[페리페라] <겨울왕국 한정판> 홀리 딥 라이너 키트

소장가치 UP, 활용도 만점의 워터프루프, 롱~라스팅 홀리딥 라이너키트!

Claims to be waterproof and long lasting.
Price 15,600 KRW or approx 15 USD.

3. Frozen Cushion

[페리페라] <겨울왕국 한정판> 수부심 쿠션 팩트+동일 호수 리필 증정!

무겁고 끈적이는 쿠션대신 산뜻한 여름쿠션!! 피지 꽁꽁! 수분 쫀쫀! 엘사~의 눈송이 쿠션 런칭!!

Claims to be great for summer.
Price 32,000 KRW or approx 32 USD.

4. Frozen Nail Story

[페리페라] <겨울왕국 한정판> 네일 스토리 글램

더운 여름 손끝까지 시원하게! 겨울왕국 유니크한 눈송이 네일

Claims to be great for summer since it has bright colors.
Price 3,500 KRW or approx 3 USD.

5. Magic Glam Tint

[페리페라] <겨울왕국 한정판> 매직 글램 틴트

산뜻하게 발리고, 선명하게 발색되는 탱탱 수분광채 틴트

Claims to has moisture effect
Price 8,000 KRW or approx 8 USD.

6. Frozen Tap Tap 3 Eyes

[페리페라] <겨울왕국 한정판> 탭탭 3 아이즈

보석처럼 반짝이는 엘사와 안나의 아이 섀도우 3종 키트

A trio eyeshadows which will make you glam up like Elsa and Anna.
Price 14,000 KRW or 14 USD.

Can't wait to get my hands on them ~
I want their tints and eye liner.
Pst.. they are all limited edition.

See you on my next post.

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  1. gemes bangett collectionnya >.< kl di indo beli nya dimana siih? anyway aku baru denger loh brand itu... (super telat hahaha)

  2. Wuaa lucu
    Demen sama eyelinernya

    Btw sist itu ada org mo pergi k seoul trus open po sampai tgl 14jun14 ini



  3. Ikutan po di online shop paling ya kalo beli disini. Iya, ga seterkenal etude house, face shop, dll ya. Tapi produk2 dari brand ini oke2 loh. :)

    1. Setau aku peripera ama clio itu merek baru. Dia lebih canggih daripada brand makeup korea yang udah terkenal. Tema makeupnya lebih edgy gitu. Harganya juga lebih mahal sih. Btw thanks for sharing yaaa :).
      followback yaa

    2. Kalo ga salah mereka udah brand lama kok. Cuma emang baru ngehits aja di indonesia.

  4. aaaa... suka banget sama frozen..... lucu bangetttttttttt!!!!
    di indo belum pada jual ya kayaknya :(


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