Sunday, June 29, 2014

[Review] Etude House Oh my Eye Line in #2 Oh Gray

Hello gorgeous!
Today I am going to review a liquid eyeliner from Etude House.
It is Etude House Oh m' Eye Line in grey.
Actually I have reviewed it a year ago when I am still a newbie in beauty world.
So, I just want to rewrite it to give you more detailed opinion and clear photos.
It was my first liquid eyeliner and still my one and only liquid liner I have ever had.

Let's take a look at the packaging:

Brand Etude House/ 에뛰드하우스
Products name Oh m' Eye Line / 오마이 라인 AD
Color 2 Oh Gray / 2호 오~마이 그레이
Contain 5 ml
Available in3 shades, black, brown, gray
Claim Liquid Eyeliner that does not smudge and strong persistence (번짐없고 지속성이 강한 리퀴드 아이라이너)

Here's the brush looks like:

Swatch on my hand:
As you can see, it is not matte. Instead, it contains some fine glitters.

What I like:
  • Gives precise line
  • Dry quickly
  • Gives that cool sensation when you use it
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge proof as long as you don't smudge it while the lids are wet or the liner still wet
  • Cheap
  • Nice color
What I don't like:
  • If you accidentally smudge it while your eyelids wet or oily, it will turn into crack that can get into the eyes and it will hurts your eyes for sure.
This is my first, my one and only liquid eyeliner. The color isn't that opaque but since it is cheap, it is great for beginners. It gives precise line and waterproof. Great for everyday uses.

Price: around USD 7

Where can you get it?
Indonesia : Mypa Shop
website: or
line: mypashop
wa/ sms: 08176541874
International : w2beauty
website: enter 0480706  in registration form and get $5,00 discount coupon! Free worldwide shipping!

Not a sponsored post.

See you on my next post :)

Review kali ini tentang Etude House Oh my Eye Line.
Aku punya yang warna abu- abu.
Ini eyeliner cair pertama yang aku punya

Yang aku suka:
  • Bisa bikin garis yang bagus
  • Cepet kering
  • Ada sensasi dingin2 nya gitu pas diaplikasiin
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge proof selama waktu basah ga di gosok
  • Murah
  • Warnanya bagus
Yang ga aku suka:
  • Kalo pas kelopak mata kamu berminyak, atau basah, trus kamu ga sengaja gosok eyelinernya, eyelinernya bakal kayak pecah gitu jadi serbuk2 kecil dan kalo masuk ke mata tentu aja sakit :(
Eyeliner ini merupakan eyeliner cair pertamaku. Dan sampe sekarang eyeliner cairku cuma ini satu2nya. Menurut aku sih buat pemula atau buat yang masih belajar makeup, eyeliner ini cukup bagus karena harganya pun ga terlalu mahal. Menurut aku warnanya kurang nyata gitu sih. Tapi hasilnya jadi natural kok. Bagus buat makeup sehari- hari.

Bisa beli di mana?
Indonesia : Mypa Shop
website: or
line: mypashop
wa/ sms: 08176541874
International : w2beauty
website: enter 0480706  in registration form and get $5,00 discount coupon! Free worldwide shipping!

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  1. Cobain eyeliner liquidnya maybelline.. More or less sama kok sama itu dalam hal aplikator.. Tapii warnanya pekat banget.. Harganya kalau di toko kosmetik pstinya lbh murah or revlon jg bs sih.. Klo revlon dy pake felt tip..(bener g ya eja nya)

  2. Makasih rekomendasinya :). Iya, banyak yang suka eyeliner revlon atau maybelline ya. But I am more into pencil and gel eyeliner than liquid eyeliner. Jadinya masih belom coba2 liquid liner yang lain.

  3. Aku pernah coba eyeliner ini, iya bener kalo kita punya lid yang oily dia bakal retak. Maybelline bisa di coba ^^

  4. Oh very cute eyeliner!

  5. I love the review of this eyeliner and its convincing me to have one too! :)
    xo Shardin

  6. never a fan of eyeliner. i can't use them because my inner half of my double eyelid fold in due to my inner corners of the eyes. so half of the eyeliner will be 'eaten up' by my eyelids.
    is the brush sturdy yet soft? i've once played with an eyeliner with the brush so hard i felt like it was scratching my skin out.

  7. This product has been released since years ago however this never got my attention until reading your review! lol xD
    Gonna save up money to try one next time ^^
    Thanks for sharing <3


  8. Try Miss Hana Gel Eyeliner. It is nice. Smudge!!! My review on it will be up soon.

  9. I like the consistency of the liner, the shade or colour and how it glistens. A very thorough review!

  10. Beautiful color, I love those deep, rich toes for eyeliner! <3 GIGLove

  11. I have the black and brown shade of this. I'm surprised to see glitter in this one because the other two shades don't have any!

  12. eyeliner ini di aku smudge huhuhu

    Love, Leonita

  13. Ooohh!! Glitter ! Anything with Glitter is perfect .. looks good on you :)

  14. Heard quite a lot of good review for this eyeliner and now yours ! So I shall really give this a try... :)

  15. Never try Etude House eyeliner before but it looks good! Too bad the colour isn't dark enough :/

  16. the shade is a nice alternative to black eyeliner! great colour

  17. aku gak gitu suka eyeliner ini kak ,pake sih dari dulu tapi lama keringnya sama cepet gumpal

  18. Had been wanting to try this for quite some time already.. I think I'll get it in my next haul. :) great review!

    Gig Love,
    Siew Hui

  19. I love all Etude house products. Not only they look adorable but they also are high in quality! Nicely reviewed dear :)

  20. You really love your Korean brands dont you, especially Etude House.The liner is way too light dont you think? not much pigmentation..

  21. ini kamu beli cuman 70 ribu doang?
    belinya dimana? ini etude house kan ya?
    aku liat di counter harganya over 100 ribu.. wkwkkw

  22. eyeliner is such a godsend to our face,, these look like great products


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