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[Review] Etude House Play 101 Pencil # 21

Hello all!
Today I want to share my review on Etude House Newest products.
It is their Etude House Play 101 Pencil.
I got mine in number 21.

First, I knew this Etude House newest products when I watch Pony's videos.
She became Etude House models for this products.
She is really gorgeous and does a great job making tutorials using this pencil.
That is why, I ordered mine from w2beauty once I knew they already have this products on their website.

This is a gel type pencil that comes with vivid colors and various textures for easy and fun makeup play.

The packaging looks like this,

Brand Etude House/ 에뛰드하우스
Products name Play 101 Pencil / 에뛰드 이벤트하우스 플레이 101 펜슬 .
Color 21/ 21호 (글로시)
Contain 0.5 gr
Available in 50 shades/ 50가지 컬러 펜슬로 메이크업 플레이 시작!

Twist to dispense certain amount and use on desired area. Close cap after use. When using sharpener, insert lead and sharpen while turning slowly.

The pencil itself looks like this:

Swatch on my hands (sorry my skin looks very dry)

The texture is very creamy, so it is easy to blend..
 After sometime, I try to remove it using makeup wipes.. And it staining on my hands. Which is great!


  • Really creamy
  • Very pigmented
  • Easy to blend
  • Leaves stains on your lips
  • Long lasting
  • It is automatic type pencil which you don't have to sharpen it using sharpener
  • It also has its own sharpener if you want to make your pencil sharp
  • Can be use on eyes, lips, face, brows (depends on the colors)
  • Has various type of shade (glitter, shimmering, creamy, glossy, matte)
  • Feel awkward when applied it since I am not used to use lip liner/ pencil type to my lips.
  • Not kiss-proof (so it does transfer to whatever your lips touch)
Overall, I love this products! Easy to use and the quality is not bad. I mean it is very pigmented and easy to blend. Love love love. Would buy it again in another color (it has 50 varieties of colors).

Where can you get it?
website: http://w2beauty.com/?s=0480706 enter 0480706  in registration form and get $5,00 discount coupon! Free worldwide shipping!
Alice (the owner) is so kind. And she is replying all your emails and questions patiently.
Price: USD 9.16

Me using this Etude House Play 101 Pencil.
Please note that I use concealer, so the color not as red as the one I swatched on my hands.
 Gradation Lips:

Full lips:

P.S. It looks more red in real life.

Thank you Alice and w2beauty :)
See you on my next post.

Halo semua!
Hari ini aku ingin berbagi review tentang produk terbaru Etude House.
Yaitu Etude House Play 101 Pencil.
Aku punya nomor 21.

Pertama, aku tau produk Etude House ini waktu aku nonton video Pony (Park Hye Min).
Dia menjadi model Etude House untuk produk ini.
Dia cantik banget dan tutorialnya bener2 bagus.

Itu sebabnya, aku beli produk ini dari w2beauty.

Ini adalah jenis gel pensil yang punya 50 jenis warna dan berbagai tekstur.

Cara menggunakan:
Putar untuk mengeluarkan produknya dan digunakan pada area yang diinginkan. Tutup setelah digunakan.

Pro (s):
  • Creamy banget
  • Pigmentasinya bagus
  • Mudah dibaurkan
  • Meninggalkan stain pada bibir Anda
  • Tahan lama
  • Ini adalah jenis pensil otomatis yang Anda tidak perlu rautan
  • Udah termasuk rautannya di pensilnya
  • Dapat digunakan pada mata, bibir, wajah, alis (tergantung pada warna)
  • Memiliki berbagai jenis warna (glitter, shimmer, krim, glossy, matte)
Con (s):
  • Agak aneh rasanya pake lippies dalam bentuk pensil karena saya tidak terbiasa menggunakan lippies jenis pensil bibir saya.
  • Meninggalkan noda bibir di gelas
Secara keseluruhan, saya suka produk ini! Mudah digunakan dan kualitas nya bagus. Soalnya mudah dibaurkan dan warnanya pigmented. Love love love. Aku bakal beli lagi dalam warna lain (pensil ini punya 50 jenis warna).

Di mana belinya?
Website: http://w2beauty.com/?s=0480706 masukkan 0480706 di formulir pendaftaran dan mendapatkan $ 5,00 kupon diskon! Pengiriman gratis di seluruh dunia!

Harga: USD 9.16

Terima kasih Alice dan w2beauty :)

Sampai jumpa pada posting berikutnya.

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  1. Aku uda coba no 11. Kalo dipake di bibir jadi kering padahal uda pake lipbalm :(
    Tapi untungnya buat blush on bagus banget. Natural.. :D

    No 21 bagus di bibirmu. Jadi pengen coba no ini juga :D

    1. mungkin karena tipenya no 11 sama no 21 beda kali ya. kalo aku belom coba ini jadi blush on sih.. soalnya warnanya merah banget. hehe

    2. iya 21 klo ga salah glossy ya? di bibirmu kering kah?
      ayoo dicobaa jadi blush on.. :D

    3. iya, 21 itu glossy. engga kering kok dibibir. menurut aku teksturnya agak creamy gitu malah. :D

  2. ah rasanya pengen borong semua warna. hahaha

    1. iyaa. aku pun juga maunya punya semua warna >.<

  3. wow, every makeup things, compressed in pencil :P

  4. Cantik kak d: lagi booming banget ya produk ini d:


  5. kirain warnanya merah banget tp pas dipake warnanya cakep banget... love it... ^^

  6. Wow 50 shades available!!! That's a lot!!! :)

  7. Wow, this seems great - I want to have my own of these, too! giglove

  8. Oh very cute color of that pencil!


  9. Wow, we don't have this product yet (I think) but this seems like a gel pencil I will be so into. And look at that color range. Totally worth the hype!

  10. Etude house has some real fab products I must say <3 Loved those pencil and the colors are super awesome x

  11. natural banget ya pas di apply ke bibir...
    seger gitu kelihatannya..
    cantik! :D

  12. Love the pencil! I like the wider head, looks like it would be easier and quicker to apply than a teeny tiny one! <3 GIGLove

  13. The texutre seems very good. I should try something like this :-) GIG

  14. Great review! And I love how you do it in both eng and Malay :D too bad this product is not kiss-proof aww

  15. Wow! I think this is one of their great products, I should try one of the real soon. Since I have to get lip liners. :) Great review!

    GiG - www.DeannSarmiento.com

  16. amazing product.. it can be use in any part of the face.. i want to try it

    -from gig
    Swirls and Scribbles

  17. This is so cool!! It can be use everywhere on your face!! Should try =)

  18. ooo it looks natural and love how it can used everywhere!

  19. Oohhh another etude item to love! They really have great products!!

  20. Oh, I havent tried to use any lip line and I will surely feel awkward, too. Still, it looks good on you. I wouls love to practice that gradient style

  21. good review. I will go to etude house and check :D gig love

  22. I'm starting to wonder how much Etude house stuff you actually have, hahaha.. Lovely review as usual, and like always, I'll stay away from Etude House. Never really fancied their cutesy packaging.

  23. I've yet to try Etude products, although I really want to! This looks like a great pencil! Love how it's long wearing! gig

  24. It looks great on you, I love that it can be used to create different looks and that it is a twist-up!
    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

  25. nice review :D
    visit http://msetudehouse.blogspot.com/


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