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[Review] Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse #5 Sweet Vitamin Red

Hello all!
I am going to review another lip products.
My latest haul is mostly a lip products. That is why in upcoming post you will see more review on lip products :p
This one is Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse in number 5 which is Sweet Vitamin Red.
I got this from w2beauty.

Let's take a look on the packaging:

Brand Innisfree/ 이니스프리
Products name Creamy Tint Lip Mousse/ 크리미 틴트 립무스
Color #5 Sweet Vitamin Red/ 5호 상큼한 비타민 레드
Contain 4.8 ml
Available in 7 shades selection but I heard they released additional 3 shades.
Claim to have a rich velvet texture and long lasting (컬러감이 풍부한 벨벳 텍스처가 깃털처럼 가볍게 입술에 펴발리는 롱래스팅 립 무스)

Products description
Moose type tint lipstick with essence
Non sticky bright and clear color
Moisture moose type can be used as blush on

How to use
Apply from the middle to give natural gradation
Apply on lips naturally
Mix bb cream or foundation to apply on the cheek

Yes, you can see it is a bright red color.
What you saw on the tub is the exact color you get.

Swatch on my hand:

What I like:
  • Vivid, vibrant color
  • Very pigmented
  • Glide smoothly
  • Doesn't dry up my lips
  • Doesn't accentuate dry lips/ lip lines
  • Leave stain
  • Matte finish
  • Feels light on the lips
What I don't like:
  • It does transfer (not kiss- proof)
I love this products. It has matte finish but not drying at all. It still looks good even when my lips is dry. Like seriously good. I think it is my HG products for my dry lips. It doesn't make your lip lines look that obvious. Doesn't sink into fine lines. Plus it is so pigmented and leaves stain on my lips.

Price: around USD 14

Where can you get it?
website: enter 0480706  in registration form and get $5,00 discount coupon! Free worldwide shipping!

Apply sheerly

Apply boldly

Red lips isn't my cup of tea

Advertorial (click to enlarge):
See you on my next post!

Kali ini aku mau review produk dari Innisfree.
Yaitu, Innisfree Creamy Tint Lip Mousse nomor 5, Sweet Vitamin Red.
Jadi lip tint ini teksturnya seperti mousse. Menghasilkan warna yang matte dan halus banget di bibir.
Produk ini aku dapatkan dari w2beauty.

Yang aku suka dari produk ini:
  • Warnanya cerah
  • Pigmented banget
  • Mudah dibaurkan
  • Ga bikin bibir kering
  • Ga bikin garis bibir keliatan banget
  • Ga menonjolkan garis bibir
  • Meninggalkan warna yang bagus
  • Matte
  • Ringan dibibir
  • Transfer ke gelas atau apapun yang bibir sentuh (enggak kiss- proof)
Aku suka banget sama produk ini. HG aku deh. Matte tapi ga bikin bibir kering. Bener2 bagus dipakenya walaupun bibir aku kering, dia ga bikin bibirnya makin keliatan kering. Tau kan gimana jeleknya kalo lipstick dipake dibibir kering? Nah produk ini ga bikin kayak gitu. Jadi suka banget banget deh. Ga bikin garis bibir keliatan juga. Trus pigmented, warnanya bagus, suka bingits deh.

Harga: sekitar USD 14

Dimana belinya?
website: enter 0480706  in registration form and get $5,00 discount coupon! Free worldwide shipping!

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    1. bagus banget loh ini. jadi pengen warna lainnya. hihi.
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  5. Oh very beautiful color!
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  7. That's a really beautiful color. Bright, but soft and natural as well. Adorable photos! Gig love :)

  8. pretty colour! really pigmented too! definitely going on my to buy list. :D

    Gig Love,
    Siew Hui

  9. The color looks so nice and tempting!
    Beautiful pics ^^


  10. You suit this shade of red as it looks quite cool and a bold colour, perfect for your skin tone! It seems to be a fabulous texture too!

  11. Great color!! Love these pictures, the shade suits you to perfection. It's bold and classic, but still modern! <3 GIGLove

  12. The lip color looks really nice on you. It's the right vibrancy for your skin tone :D

  13. Owh!! Cool is not really glossy, love the colour too

  14. Thank you for shaing, the shades look great on you ! make your lips pop !

  15. I have this tint too but in number 4! I only used it twice so I haven't reviewed it yet but I love how pigmented it is!

  16. i like the stain it gives! very pigmented

  17. Lovely shade .... but i havent heard of this brand before :)

  18. i like this look pigmented....and you look so gorgeous wearing this tint!

  19. Why don't you like red? It suits you well.

  20. Oh cool <3 It looks so gorgeous on you. Love the color x

  21. This is maybe the second tint review I've read today :)Too bad I dont like tints...

  22. Great color ! It really suits you :-D

  23. not so sure about the product, normally not a fan of tints..i think it suits you though

  24. Wow its very pigmented! Haven't tried any of this brand's product. But it looks very good on you hun! <3

    GiG -

  25. That color is gorgeous and looks great on you! This is my first time hearing of this brand, and I hope and can find it here.

  26. I love the colour and looks really moisturizing too! <3

  27. warnanya bagus ya.. ya kalah saing sama produknya dari etude house..
    tapi harganya bersaing juga ga ya? wkkwwk :p

  28. Hi, may I know how to use coupon code nya?


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