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Korean Drama I Have Been Watching 2014: Fated To Love You/ You Are My Destiny

Surprise surprise.
I watched another drama until it finish.
FYI, I rarely do that.
Drama that I have been watching is Fated To Love You/ You Are My Destiny.
Or in Korean Woonmyungcheoreom Neol Saranghae or  운명처럼 널 사랑해
Chinese Title: 命中注定我爱你.
From what I knew, it is a remake from a famous Taiwanese Drama with the same title (Fated To Love You).

Main Cast
Jang Hyuk - Lee Gun
Jang Na-Ra - Kim Mi-Young
Choi Jin-Hyuk - Daniel
Wang Ji-Won - Nam Se-Ra
Park Won-Suk - Company President Wang (Lee Gun's grandmother)
Na Young-Hee - Lee Gun's stepmother
Choi Woo-Sik - Lee Yong (Lee Gun's stepbrother)
Song Ok-Suk - Mi-Young's mother
Lim Hyung-Joon - Mi-Young's brother-in-law
Jung Eun-Pyo - Compay President Park
Park Hee-Von - Jeon Ji-Yeon (Mi-Young's friend)
Lee Mi-Do - Kim Mi-Ja (Mi-Young's older sister)
Han Kyu - Mi-Young's older sister

The main reason I started watch this is.. because there is Choi Jin Hyuk on it! Hahaha. Lame.

The two strangers, man and woman, meet and then experience love through ups and downs. They will end with marriage. This is the standard procedure for the original love melo drama.  <FTLY> starts with marriage. The story line is about, through confusion and conflict, two main characters slowly understanding and loving each other as they grow in maturity.  Therefore ‘one night’s mistake’ is actually ‘Fated To Love You’ and it is a sweet fantasy which every man and woman will enjoy.  Could it be a bonus when a touching moment comes about the new awareness of the importance of having family?  In the present modern society, being good hearted (착하다 good hearted/goodness) isn’t considered having more virtue. Let’s see how the good woman is able to live among 능력맨(a man of ability).  The touching and good hearted feeling coming from one’s goodness can reveal to someone who is exhausted by endless competition in society about the real value of goodness and work as real healing. Her birth and education are ordinary. Her looks and charms are common and ordinary. Because she is a woman with a good heart, she always losses. She is Kim Mi Young. She meets the love which comes like fate. She experiences love and she is also loved and slowly she becomes a cool and splendid lady (멋진여자 ) We’ll be captured by her process of change and discover ourselves cheering for her.

Lee Geon has money and a top class girlfriend.  He is the only successor on the 9th line from the Jeon Ju’s Lee family which has a history of every male heir dying off before reaching the age of 30.  From constant threat from the relatives for the successor’s spot, Lee Geon’s grandmother, the chairwoman Wang, urges LG to get married.  LG understands his grandmother’s intention but LG’s ballerina girlfriend, Se Ra, doesn’t want marriage and children till she becomes a heroine on the international stage. LG is trapped helplessly between his grandmother and Se Ra. One day Se Ra fails to pass audition which she waited eagerly and feels insecure.  LG tries to take advantage and prepares for the big proposal.  However a twist of fate comes into play. When Se Ra is about to board the airplane for the destination, she receives the news that she passed the audition. Once again she postpones the marriage and leaves for NY.  Without knowing this changed event, LG is preparing the proposal but the scheme by president Park from acquisitioned company and Choi brings scandal upon him.  For those he loves, he shows the boundless sweetness otherwise he feels uneasy with others and he acts rude. He embroils in a lightning bolt of scandal and he hurts, unsophisticated yet good-hearted, Mi Young many times. More he acts like that to her more he keeps worrying the seemingly stupid woman. ( By @booha )

Republic of Korea represents the most ordinary woman, ’Kim Mi Young’  With no academic background, no connection and no self-confidence, she is simply ordinary and has zero presence as a contract employee in the firm. She has difficulty saying no to others because she is concerned others might feel embarrassment. So she is always swarmed with others’ errands. She is like the desk wall poster which is filled with favors and errands. Everybody needs her but she is just unimportant 모태솔로 ( It refers to a woman who has never dated and lives alone as single.)  One day like any other day, she receives lotto like luxury resort ticket. Then her colleagues, Min lawyer, whom she likes, congratulates her unexpectedly and she feels as if she is in a dream, She almost has to give up the resort vacation because she doesn’t have a traveling companion but the lawyer Min comes along with her and she prepares the trip with excitement. However she is caught up in a ridiculous situation and for the first time she spends a passionate night with a complete stranger.  She always shows a deep consideration toward others that it became a part of herself which made her look like as if she has an bland personality. Then like fate a man comes to Kim Mi Young . Will this fate have a happy ending?      ( By @booha )

For those who asked me where did I get the subtitle? I get it from subscene.
There are various languages available. *not sponsored :p*

Thread on soompi here.


Kali ini aku mau share lagi nih drama korea yang aku tonton.
Karena aku lagi liburan (habis wisuda lagi menunggu kerja) aku jadi nonton drama ini deh.
Yang aku tau ini adalah drama remake dari drama Taiwan. Dan kayaknya sih drama Fated To Love You versi Taiwan emang terkenal banget dan katanya bagus banget (aku belom nonton versi Taiwannya)

Singkat cerita,
Jadi drama ini mengangkat kisah seorang cewek yang biasa2 aja (Kim Mi Young) bertemu jodohnya ( Lee Geon) yang mana adalah CEO dari sebuah perusahaan besar. Terus mereka ga sengaja jadi tidur bareng dan si Kim Mi Young hamil. Awalnya Lee Geon cuek2 aja sama Kim Mi Young tapi setelah mereka nikah, si Lee Geon bahkan ninggalin pacar 6 tahunnya untuk Kim Mi Young. Dari cerita ini mereka sadar kalo mereka sebenernya udah jodoh dari sananya. So sweet ya.

Awalnya aku nonton drama ini karena ada Choi Jin Hyuk nya sih. Jadi suka sama dia gegara drama Emergency Couple nih.
Tapi menurut aku bagusan Emergency Couple kemana2. Soalnya drama ini loncat2 banget jalan ceritanya. Sebentar sedih, sebentar seneng, aneh gitu. Kayak disatu episode dia lupa ingatan, di episode selanjutnya udah inget lagi. Haha. Opini aku aja sih. :p

Buat yang nanya, Aku download drama ini dari Indowebster.
P.S. Akhir dramanya Happy Ending kok :)

See you on my next post.

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  1. aaah udah lama gak nonton drama korea, kayaknya malam ini bakal download drama ini dech,,hahaha


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