Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life Update: Graduation

Hello all!
In case if you are wondering why I have been not posting that much in several months, I am gonna tell you the reason why.
For the past months I have been busy with my thesis and preparing the thesis defense.
Thanks God, I passed the thesis defense on July 2nd 2014.
At August 28th and 29th I had my graduation ceremony and thanks everyone who had congratulated me.
I am very grateful that I can graduated on time.
I started my college on 2010 and graduated on 2014.
College life has been rough and hard. I was struggling to survive through the courses. But I am glad it is over now. I met many good friends and found my best friends. I am glad I met you all.
I know this phase is just a starting point in my life.
Hope I will doing well on my future career.

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  1. Congrats on graduating ;) and goodluck on your new phase of life ;) wish u all the best ;)


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