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[Review] 3 Concept Eyes Paint Lip Gloss #Real Peach

Hello gorgeous!
My first 3CE review! Yahoooo!
If you are into a korean makeup, you probably have known this 3 Concept Eyes brand from Stylenanda.
Basically they also sell clothes and accessories but recently they released their own makeup line called 3 Concept Eyes.
From what I heard, this makeup brand is not that famous in Korea since the price is quite expensive, but this brand is well- known outside Korea.

Well let's take a look on the packaging

Brand 3 Concept Eyes
Products name Paint Lip Gloss
Color Real Peach
Contain 7ml
Price USD 14.31

I guess the main concept of the 3 Concept Eyes Packaging is simple yet sleek.

Advertising (taken from the official website)
I find that the color shows on the advertisement is a bit misleading. The color is not that pigmented in real life.

Here's the swatch of the product:

What I like:

  • feels lightweight
  • love the color 
  • long lasting
  • travel friendly
  • the color really shows (but now as pigmented like the advertisement)
What I don't like:
  • For those who have dry lips, you better use lip balm before because since the lipgloss has pigment on it, it will accentuate your dry patches
I rarely use lip gloss because I hate those sticky feelings and heavy feelings whenever I use lip gloss. But this lip gloss by 3CE is an exception. It still has that stickiness, but not as worse as a usual lip gloss. And it feels light weight on the lips. It also has pigments so the color really shows up but not that vibrant or that pigmented. The lasting power is quite good, but it does transfer to whatever your lips touched.

Price IDR 180,000

Using the 3CE Paint Lip Gloss:

Mypa Shop
website: or
Line: mypashop
wa/ sms: 08176541874

This item is sent to me for review purpose, but all of my thoughts above are my honest opinion.
Hope my review helps you.
See you on my next post

Kali ini aku mau mereview produk dari 3 Concept Eyes atau yang dikenal dengan 3CE.
Buat para pecinta makeup korea pasti udah tau deh brand ini.
3CE ini adalah makeup brand dari Stylenanda.
Yuk langsung bisa dilihat packaging, swatch, dan pemakaian dari 3CE Paint Lip Gloss warna real peach di foto atas.

Yang aku suka

  • terasa ringan
  • aku suka warnanya!
  • cukup tahan lama
  • bisa dibawa kemana2
  • warnanya bener2 muncul walaupun ga se-waw iklannya sih
Yang aku kurang suka
  • Ada saat2 dimana bibirku kering banget, dan lip gloss ini kurang aku rekomendasikan kalau kalian punya bibir yang kering. Karena lip gloss ini ada warnanya, warnanya akan bikin bibir kering kalian lebih keliatan.
Sebenernya aku kurang suka sama lip gloss secara umum. Tapi 3CE Paint Lip Gloss ini pengecualian deh. Biasanya aku kurang suka lip gloss karena kalo dipake lengket2 gimanaa gitu dan agak berat di bibir. Kalau 3 Concept Eyes Paint Lip Gloss ini engga. Kalo dipake ga gitu lengket seperti lip gloss umumnya dan ga berat juga di bibir. Trus warnanya juga keluar jadi cantik :D Dan produk ini bakal transfer ke segala macam yang bibir kamu sentuh (gelas, dll)

Harga IDR 180,000

Mypa Shop
website: or
Line: mypashop
wa/ sms: 08176541874

Semoga review ini membantu ya :)
Maafkeun kalau fotonya sok imut :p hahahaha
Sampai jumpa di post selanjutnya!

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  2. I tend not to take the advertisement pictures of Korean lip colours too literally since I have darker lips and it's known that they practically erase their lips with concealer before applying their lippies. Unless it's Lipnicure, which is just god-like. haha ^^

    The colour looks great on you by the way! It's such a lovely light colour for a casual day out. ^^

    xoxo Rin
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