Saturday, September 6, 2014

[Review] Innisfree Melting Lip Balm No 4

Hello gorgeous.
I am back with another review.
After disappearing for this several months, I have so many products to review.
This time is a lip balm from Innisfree.
It is Innisfree Melting Lip Balm.
Let's take a look at the packaging:

Brand Innisfree/ 이니스프리
Products name Melting Lip Balm/ 멜팅 립밤
Contain 3.5 gr
Price KRW 6,000
6 color available, 2 uncolored care, and 1 for men

Colored lip balm that makes your lips moisturized and lively

It comes in a plastic tube. No box. But there is label on it to make sure it is new.

The texture of this product after applied is lightweight and not sticky. Smells good, not to overpower.

What I like:
  • didn't leave a sticky feeling
  • feels lightweight
  • long lasting
  • travel friendly
  • very moisturizing
What I don't like:
  • I expect it has more pigmented color (the color is so sheer that I can barely see it)
I really like this lip balm. I think I prefer this one rather than my fave The Body Shop Cocoa Lip Butter Stick. This is very moisturizing, I applied it whenever my lips feels dry, it immediately moisten up my lips. The color itself is super sheer. I do recommend this for those who has dry lips because it is so good.

Price IDR 95,000

Mypa Shop
website: or
line: mypashop
wa/ sms: 08176541874

This item is sent to me for review purpose, but all of my thoughts above are my honest opinion.
Hope my review helps you.
See you on my next post
Aku mau review produk dari Innisfree lagi.
Kali ini lip balm nya nih yaitu Melting Lip Balm

Yang aku suka dari produk ini:
  • ga lengket
  • ringan
  • baunya enak
  • bisa dibawa kemana2 (untuk traveling)
  • bikin bibir lembab
  • tahan lama
  • Sebenernya aku berharap warnanya bakal lebih pigmented
Aku suka banget sama lip balm ini. Walaupun expect nya dia lebih pigmented jadi warnanya lebih keluar, tapi dia bener2 nyembuhin bibir kering aku. Kalau bibir kering, pake ini langsung deh lembab dan halus. Ga lengket juga lagi dipakenya. Dan walaupun aku pake buat makan, lembabnya itu masih nempel tanpa bikin bibir lengket. Suka banget deh sama lip balm ini. Favoritku setelah The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Stick.

Harganya IDR 95,000

Mypa Shop
website: or
line: mypashop
wa/ sms: 08176541874

Produk ini dikirim ke aku untuk keperluan review, tapi semua pendapatku diatas berdasarkan pengalaman aku yang sebenernya. Sponsorship ini tidak akan mempengaruhi pendapat aku.

Semoga review ku membantu ya.

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  1. I wish you showed a swatch so we can see what it would look like. At least on your hand if not your lips.

    1. As I mentioned on the post, the color is so sheer that you can't barely see it. So I don't include it on my post since the camera will only catch the glossyness. :)

  2. produk2 innisfree kayanya bagus yaa >_< sayang warnanya kurang keluar~
    thanks for the review ^^


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