Saturday, November 8, 2014

[Review] Secret Key Snail + EGF Repairing Essence

Hello all!
Today I am going to share my review on Secret Key Snail + EGF Repairing Essence.
This one is my favorite serum.
I have finished using 1 bottle of this and gonna repurchase another one.
As you might know, I have tried Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum which I have reviewed a month ago and it makes me break out.
This one so far works wonder to me and of course didn't break me out.

Let's take a look at the packaging:
Brand Secret Key
Products name Snail + EGF Repairing Essence
Contain 60 ml
The snail slime extract works along with EGF ingredient to control moisture- oil balance.

Snail Slime Extract , Tremella Fuciformis Extract , Rice Extract, Caviar , Human Oligo peptide, Macadamia Seed Oil

  • Eases skin trouble with snail secretion extract and rhEGF (encourages formation of new skin cells)
  • Healthy and tightened skin and snail secretion helps with skin renewal
  • Moisture and skin protection
  • Skin soothing effect and brightening with numerous natural ingredients
What I like:
  • The texture is light
  • Absorb fast
  • Cheap
  • Great for troubled skin
  • Give enough moisture to normal-oily skin
  • Doesn't feel sticky
  • Doesn't feel oily
What I don't like:
  • Looks cheap packaging made of plastic
What can I say. I am in love with this essence. It is so cheap (about $12 or IDR 150.000) and you get 60ml which is quite a lot since you use it only two pumps for entire face. It doesn't break me out and works wonder for my troubled skin. When I get pimples, this essence just sooth out my face and help the redness and pimples to calm down. Do I recommend it? OF COURSE. BUY IT GUYS. I have bought another one because I have finished the entire bottle.

Where can you get it?
Indonesia : Mypa Shop
website: or
line: mypashop
wa/ sms: 08176541874
International : w2beauty
website: enter 0480706  in registration form and get $5,00 discount coupon! Free worldwide shipping!

Hope my review helps you.
See you on my next review. 

Halo. Kali ini aku mau bagi2 review tentang Secret Key Snail + EGF Repairing Essence.
Serum favorit aku sekarang.
Aku aja udah habisin 1 botol serum ini dan udah pake botol ke 2 sekarang.
Bagi yang udah pernah baca review ku, aku udah pernah nyobain Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum tapi engga cocok. Dan gantinya aku cobain ini deh.

  • Mengurangi masalah kulit dengan ekstrak dari snail dan rhEGF (yang mempercepat pertumbuhan sel baru dari kulit)
  • Membuat kulit kencang dan sehat
  • Memberi kelembapan dan menjaga kulit
  • Memperhalus kulit dan mempercerah dengan bahan2 yang natural

Yang aku suka:
  • eksturnya ringan
  • Cepat menyerap
  • Harganya termasuk murah untuk serum
  • Bagus banget buat kulit bermasalah/ berjerawat
  • Melembabkan kulit
  • Ga lengket
  • Ga berminyak
What I don't like:
  • Tempatnya keliatan murahan
Aku suka banget sama produk ini. Sebelum pake ini, muka ku gampang banget jerawatan. Dikit2 jerawatan. Tapi setelah pake ini, jadi jauh mendingan banget. Jerawatan paling 1 atau 2 pas lagi PMS. Harganya terjangkau juga pula. Sekitar Rp 150.000 udah dapet 60ml. Dan bisa tahan berbulan2 karena pakenya irit. Punya ku tahan sampe 6 bulan loh. Hahaha. Aku bisa ngerasain banget pas aku lagi jerawatan PMS, kalo pake serum ini bakal meredakan radang kemerahan di jerawat ku. Kalo ditanya, aku rekomendasi serum ini ga? BANGET. Rekomen bingits deh. 

Bisa beli dimana?
Indonesia : Mypa Shop
website: or
Line: mypashop
wa/ sms: 08176541874
International : w2beauty
website: enter 0480706  in registration form and get $5,00 discount coupon! Free worldwide shipping!

Semoga review ku membantu ya :)

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  1. Ohh this Essence sounds lovely~ ^ ^
    I can see what you mean about the packaging looking a bit unappealing though! ^ w ^

  2. This looks like a nice product
    Even if the packaging is not pretty the product sounds good


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