Saturday, December 20, 2014

[Review] Natural Honey Hand Body Lotion

Hi all!
Are you have a problem with dry skin?
I might have the solution for you today. Keep reading this post.

I am glad BBlog kindly offer me to review Natural Honey Hand Body Lotion while I was searching for body lotion because nowadays, I am in an air-conditioned room almost 24hr a day.
For you who hasn't know what is Natural Honey,
Natural Honey is for woman that believes that beauty comes from something simple. With special formula inspired by Pure Honey that is contain good quality and advantages, combined with high technology, they can keep the advantages stay to moist up your skin.

The advantages of Natural Honey are they use real pure honey as its ingredients. Which known that honey is great for our skin.
There are 4 variants of Natural Honey Hand Body Lotion. Each available in 100ml and 200ml sizes. Let me explain of each variant.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

BB Cream and BB Cushion Swatches Part 3

Today I will share swatches of my bb creams collection again!
I have post part 2 and part 1 a long time ago.

In this post, there are only 4 type of bb creams.
Most of them are Korean products ~
2 from Etude House, 1 from Ettusais which is Japanese products, and 1 from Holika Holika.

The first one starts from the left is Etude House Precious Mineral Perfect Fit BB Cream in W13. Shade W13 or Natural Beige from Etude Houseis suits me best. But for the perfect fit, I think W13 is lighter than usual. I have tried Cotton Fit and Bright Fit. Both in shade w13 and they are a perfect match for me. For this one, I feel that w13 in Etude House Precious Mineral Perfect Fit BB Cream is pretty light for my skin tone. I have write in depth review about this bb cream here.

The second one is Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream. Review here.

The third one is Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in W13. I have finish 2 of this cushion. I am so in love with this product.

The fourth bb cream is from Ettusais which is a Japanese brand. I love this bb cream too. Semi matte finish and long lasting. Read the review here.

Hope my swatches helps you decide what shade suits you best ^^
Have a nice day!
Kali ini aku mau share swatches lagi nih. Kali ini ada bb cream.
Sebelumnya aku pernah ngepost swatches bb cream, cc cream, dan concealer.
Kalau kalian belum baca, bisa lihat disini dan disini.

Nah, kali ini ada 4 bb cream.
Tentu aja sebagai penggemar produk Korea, kali ini produk2nya sebagian dari Korea semua. Haha.
2 dari Etude House, 1 dari Ettusais (produk kosmetik Jepang), dan 1 dari Holika Holika.

Yang pertama dari kiri itu Etude House Precious Mineral Perfect Fit BB Cream shade W13. Aku udah sebutin di post swatches yang pertama kalau, shade W13 atau Natural Beige paling cocok di aku. Tapi Cotton Fit shade W13 ini lebih terang daripada bb cream Etude House yang biasanya. Review lengkapnya bisa dilihat disini ya.

Yang kedua dari kiri itu Holika Holika Peach Girl BB Cream. Reviewnya ada di sini.

Yang ketiga ada Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion shade w13. Aku suka banget sama produk ini. Udah pake refillan yang ke 2. Haha. Tapi belum pernah review sih. Ada yang pengen reviewnya?

Yang keempat ada Ettusais Mineral BB Cream. Reviewnya di sini.

Sampai jumpa di post aku selanjutnyaa.
Semoga membantu.

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