Saturday, December 20, 2014

[Review] Natural Honey Hand Body Lotion

Hi all!
Are you have a problem with dry skin?
I might have the solution for you today. Keep reading this post.

I am glad BBlog kindly offer me to review Natural Honey Hand Body Lotion while I was searching for body lotion because nowadays, I am in an air-conditioned room almost 24hr a day.
For you who hasn't know what is Natural Honey,
Natural Honey is for woman that believes that beauty comes from something simple. With special formula inspired by Pure Honey that is contain good quality and advantages, combined with high technology, they can keep the advantages stay to moist up your skin.

The advantages of Natural Honey are they use real pure honey as its ingredients. Which known that honey is great for our skin.
There are 4 variants of Natural Honey Hand Body Lotion. Each available in 100ml and 200ml sizes. Let me explain of each variant.

Natural Honey Anti Oxidant
If you are alwasy having outdoor activites, this might be the one you are searching for. Natural Honey Anti Oxidant will protect your skin from dust, polution, and sun rays. This contains Pure Honey that able to keep your skin moisturize and soft. With Orange Extract and Vitamin C, Natural Honey Oxidant can give your skin antioxidant.

Natural Honey Moisture Rich
If you are stay all day in an air-conditioned room, this is for you. Use Natural Honey Moisture Rich to protect your skin for dryness. Say no more patchy dan dry skin. This contains Pure Honey, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E that will keep your skin moist and fresh.

Natural Honey Pure White
Natural Honey Pure White contains Pure Honey, Yoghurt, Vitamin E, Vitamin B3, and Double UV Protection. Keep your skin away from UV Rays (UV A and UV B). Keep your skin healthy, glowing, and white.

Natural Honey Firm and Youthful
Natural Honey Firm and Youthful will protect your skin elasticity. It will keep your skin moist and stay young. With Yeast Extract, Pure Honey, Collagen, and Vitamin C, it will makes your skin soft and glow.

For me, my favorite is Natural Honey Firm and Youthful. Because I almost in an air-conditioned room all day and I don't want my skin to get "older" than my real age.That is why I alwasy ude Natural Honey Firm and Youthful after showers. It will keep my skin elasticity and give my skin the right moist.

What I like from Natural Honey Hand and Body Lotion:
  • Watery texture so it is easy to blend
  • Soften up my skin
  • Makes my skin moist
If you want to know more about Natural Honey, visit their website and Like their Facebook Page

Where to buy? Available at Supermarket such as: Carrefour, Giant, & Hypermart

Review produk ini merupakan hasil kerjasama antara Natural Honey dan B Blog Indonesia.

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  1. Hi mbak Nella, aku mau undang mbak buat ikutan giveway pertamaku nih :)
    untuk syarat-syarat dan gimana cara ikutannya bisa langsung dilihat di blog aku yah...

    Nuzha ^^,

  2. kalo lotion yang dari kojiesan dh pernah coba?
    bisa naikan skin tone lho meski gak begitu melembabkan :P

    Main ke blog daku yooOoo :D



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