Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[Review] Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion W13 Natural Beige

Hi gorgeous.
Yup.. another long due review.
I have this product for a good year now. I even have finished 2 of it.
But.. better late than never right? #suchanexcuse
Today, I am going to review Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion.
Mine is in number w13 which is Natural Beige.
If you are curious why my any cushion case is different, that is because I purchased Etude House Cushion Case in XOXO Minnie Edition (which Etude House is collaborating with Disney).

Let's take a look at the packaging:
review etude house precious mineral any cushion

etude house precious mineral any cushion w13 natural beige packaging
Brand Etude House/ 에뛰드하우스
Products name Precious Mineral Any Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ /  진주알 맑은 애니 쿠션 SPF50+/PA+++
Color W13 Natural Beige / w13 내추럴베이지
Contain 15 grams
Price 18,000 KRW
Available 3 shades, Light Beige, Natural Beige, Honey Beige

Friday, February 20, 2015

Apa itu essence, serum, dan ampoule?

Halo semuanya!
Balik lagi di sesi ketiga dari Q&A.
Di post Q&A sebelumnya, aku udah membahas mengenai:
apa itu essence serum ampoule
Di sesi Q&A kali ini, aku mau membahas mengenai essence, serum, dan ampoule serta perbedaannya.
Soalnya dari yang aku lihat, skincare atau perawatan kulit sekarang makin banyak yah step2 nya. Dan buat yang pemula, pasti bingung dong dengan perbedaan nama maupun istilah2 dari skincare yang ada.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

[Review] Peripera ft Disney Frozen Magic Glam Tint

Hi gorgeous!
Today I am going to review my favorite lip tint at the moment.
It is Peripera Magic Glam Tint.
Mine is in Anna version which is number 2 called I'm Happy Kristoff
In case you didn't know, last year Peripera was collaborating with Disney to make a makeup Line in a Frozen theme.
And yes, this is a very long due review post.
I have this tint for a very quite some time now.

Let's take a look at the packaging:
Brand Peripera / 페리페라
Products name Peripera Frozen Edition Magic Glam Tint/ 페리페라 겨울왕국 한정판  매직 글램 틴트
Color Anna/ 안나
Contain 6g
Price KRW 8,000
2 colors available

Saturday, February 14, 2015

[Review] Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick No 9 Blueberry Burgundy

Hi gorgeous!
Today I am back bringing you a review on Innisfree products.
This time is Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick.
Mine is in number 9 which is Blueberry Burgundy.

Let's take a look at the packaging.
Brand Innisfree/ 이니스프리
Products name Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick/ 이니스프리 크림멜로우 립스틱
Color 9 Blueberry Burgundy / 9호 블루베리 버건디
Contain 3.5g
Price KRW 12,000
High adhesion and moist lipstick
맑고 촉촉한 컬러감이 유리알처럼 입술을 매끈하게 코팅해주는 고밀착 립스틱

Friday, February 6, 2015

[Review] Peripera Peri's Tint Water No 4 Mandarin Juice

Hi gorgeous!
Today I am going to share my thoughts on Peripera Peri's Tint Water.
I have number 4 which is Mandarin Juice.
For you that didn't know Peripera,
Peripera is a South Korean cosmetics brand owned by CLIO. The brand name is derived from the Persian fairy "Peri".
Brand Peripera / 페리페라
Products name Peri Tint Water/ 페리스틴트 워터
Contain 6.5 ml
Price KRW 7,000
5 colors available