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[Review] Innisfree Creammellow Lipstick No 9 Blueberry Burgundy

Hi gorgeous!
Today I am back bringing you a review on Innisfree products.
This time is Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick.
Mine is in number 9 which is Blueberry Burgundy.

Let's take a look at the packaging.
Brand Innisfree/ 이니스프리
Products name Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick/ 이니스프리 크림멜로우 립스틱
Color 9 Blueberry Burgundy / 9호 블루베리 버건디
Contain 3.5g
Price KRW 12,000
High adhesion and moist lipstick
맑고 촉촉한 컬러감이 유리알처럼 입술을 매끈하게 코팅해주는 고밀착 립스틱

Smooth coating, pure glossy color, great fitting, moisturizing

The box is made from a recycled paper. The tube is in a plastic form with metal decoration near the bullet.
The texture is a bit creamy and not thick at all. The scent is sweet. Noticeable but not over powering.

What I like:
  • not drying
  • feels lightweight
  • glossy finish
  • nice color
  • stain the lips
  • not sticky
  • good lasting power
What I don't like:
  • a bit hard to blend
  • the white packaging.. it's easy to get dirty :(

This is my very first lipstick from Innisfree. And I must admit that I like it. It's not drying, great color, good lasting power, and love the scent. Pretty good formula for a lipstick. Even though it is not as creamy as I thought, and rather hard to blend, I think you can still work on it to get a pretty color. And yes, I recommend this lipstick to you all.

Where can you get it?
Indonesia : Mypa Shop
website: or
line: mypashop
wa/ sms: 08176541874
International : w2beauty
website: enter 0480706  in registration form and get $5,00 discount coupon! Free worldwide shipping!

See you on my next review.
Kali ini aku mau mereview salah satu lipstick dari Innisfree.
Yaitu Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick.
Punya ku warna nomor 9, yaitu Blueberry Burgundy.

Yang aku suka dari produk ini:
  • ga bikin bibir kering
  • terasa ringan
  • hasilnya glossy
  • warnanya bagus
  • meninggalkan stain di bibir
  • ga lengket
  • tahan lama
  • Agak susah dibaurkan
  • Tempatnya warna putih jadi kalau kotor sedikit langsung kelihatan >.<
Ini pertama kalinya aku mencoba lipstick dari merek Innisfree. Dan bisa dibilang aku suka kok dengan lipstick ini. Ga bikin bibir kering, warnanya bagus, tahan lama di bibir, dan yang terpenting aku suka wanginya. Ga seperti wangi2 lipstick yang nyengat gitu. Formula lipstick ini oke lah menurutku. Walaupun ketika aku mencoba, dia tidak secreamy yang aku bayangkan, dan agak susah di baurkan di bibir. Tapi setelah terbiasa memakainya, oke kok. Masih bisa diakalin.

Bisa beli dimana?
Indonesia : Mypa Shop
website: or
Line: mypashop
wa/ sms: 08176541874
International : w2beauty
website: enter 0480706  in registration form and get $5,00 discount coupon! Free worldwide shipping!
Semoga reviewku membantu ya.

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  1. ini lipstick udh di wishlist aku sekian lama >< walaupun packaging nya putih gt cpt kotor tp entah knp aku suka :3 anw, salam kenal ^^

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  2. Naksir banget sama ini . tapi belum sempet kebeli . thx for nice review dear.


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