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Review 3CE Lip Lacquer in Backstage

Hai girls!
Aku kembali dengan review makeup.
Kali ini ada lip product dari 3CE yaitu 3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer.
Punyaku yang shade Backstage.

I am back with another makeup review.
This time is 3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer.
I have one in shade Backstage.

Brand 3 Concept Eyes
Products name Lip Lacquer
Shade Backstage
Contain 6.4g
Price USD 20

Claimed to be
Lipstick like touch with press powdered like soft cashmere lips. With a neat finish and non sticky application.

The website also said that it is more vivid than lipstick, light and natural application, and easy to mix and match with various colors.

There are various color to choose from:
 From what I know, the popular color are bonbon, super coral, and backstage.

The color itself is described as

 Swatch on my hand:

Ad photo:

Yang aku suka dari produk ini:
  • Tahan lama
  • Pigmentasinya bagus
  • Ringan digunakan
  • Mudah digunakan
  • Tidak membuat bibir kering
What I like:
  • Long lasting
  • Pigmented
  • Light weight
  • Easy to apply
  • Doesn't make lips dry
Yang aku kurang suka:
  • Warnanya akan transfer ke gelas ketika minum. Tapi surprisingly, warnanya ga akan hilang sampai malam hari walaupun transfer.
  • Harganya lumayan mahal
What I don't like:
  • It does transfer to cup or glass. But surprisingly, the color will not disappear from the lips.
  • Quite pricey

Sejujurnya, aku jarang banget pakai lipstick warna merah. Kayaknya lip lacquer ini adalah warna lip product termerah yang aku punya. Aku lebih prefer warna pink kalau untuk lipstick dan lip tint. Aku pakai produk ini juga jarang banget gara2 kurang pede pakai warna merah. Biasanya hanya aku pakai kalau untuk event- event tertentu aja atau kalau aku lagi pengen tampil beda aja. Kalau disuruh milih antara lipstick dan lip lacquer ini, aku lebih prefer lip lacquer ini. Warnanya gampang banget diratain dan warnanya tahan lama. Kalau aku pakai dari pagi, warnanya ga akan hilang sampai malamnya walaupun aku pake buat makan dan minum. Memang warnanya akan sedikit memudar tapi ga akan hilang sepenuhnya. Yang aku kurang suka sih cuma 1, warnanya transfer ke gelas. Aku kurang suka kalau lip products yang aku pakai meninggalkan bekas di gelas atau sedotan yang aku pakai. Dan satu lagi, produk ini ga bikin bibir kering loh.

Honestly, red lips isn't my cup of coffee. I mean I don't usually wear red colored lipstick. I think this lip lacquer is the red-est lipstick that I have. I prefer pink colored lipstick the most. But I think I didn't look that bad wearing this color, did I? I usually reach this lip lacquer whenever I need color to boost up my look or going to nights event. If I had to choose between lipstick and this lip lacquer, I prefer 3CE Lip Lacquer. It is light weight and long lasting. If I wear it in the morning, it will still have color left in the night even if I drink and eat during the day. Yes, the color does transfer to the glass which I hate the most. I have if I leave lipstick mark during eating or drinking. But since the color is so nice and so long lasting, I think I have no problem with it. And one more thing, this product doesn't dry up the lips which is a plus point.

Have you ever tried 3CE products?

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  1. Oh sweetie that color is really cute!
    I really enjoyed your review
    Great product i love it 3CE!


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